Thursday, 23 October 2014

Business Rocks with Benny Teo

Photo credit Gina Romero. Cheers to meeting Benny Teo!

Local legend Benny Teo, founder of social enterprise Eighteen Chefs

Chef Benny Teo has had his fair share of hardships. Finding meaningful work is not easy for a school drop out, ex-offender and rehabilitated drug addict - so Benny turned to entrepreneurship to rebuild his life's dreams. Now Benny is the successful owner of restaurant chain 18 Chefs - and hires ex-convicts in his restaurants to give them a second chance at success. 

Business Rocks Has Moved!
To Actors The Jam Bar! (SCAPE Orchard)
The bar is small but it has a full set-up for jamming and singing so don't be shy - get your Business Rocks groove on! If you don't fancy jamming, feel free to hang out with friends in the al fresco area outside the bar. 
About Business Rocks
Business Rocks is a chilled out event for business people to network (and get a little drunk together) in a relaxed non-businessey environment.
We drink beer (and other stuff), we sing, jam and mingle and we have great conversations.
It's an event with a focus on fun, authenticity and real people who love music and business. Join us for a night of inspiration and beer!
What to expect at Business Rocks? ... expect the unexpected. PLUS:

  • Friendly un-networking in a relaxed environment, leave your sales hat at the door - just relax, have a beer, meet and mingle. And feel free to talk about work all night long - or not at all.
  • An awesome guest speaker sharing a short presentation relevant to business and entrepreneurship in a fun, interesting and informative format.
  • NEW: Singing and jamming for those who want to!
  • Then more mingling and more beer. Till late.
How much?

  • $25 paid in advance by online registration or $30 at the door.
(includes 2 standard drinks from the bar)
And by the way...

  • Paying in advance helps us to manage numbers and registration more efficiently and makes the job A LOT easier.
  • For those who prefer to pay at the door we will be charging you $5 extra to buy the door person a beer. Is that fair enough?
If you love business, music and beer - take a break out of the hectic work week to re-energise and meet some awesome, interesting people.

The small print:
Even if you do not drink, you still need to pay the registration fee - they like to make sure our venues are happy to have us there!
Business Rocks! Network differently.
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Monday, 20 October 2014

eSynchrony - I'm all in for a date!

Many did question why would I need a dating site to meet people? Well it is not a need but simply opening your options. Not everyone has the luxury to meet different people every day so one of the platforms to meet people is eSynchrony.

Who will benefit from eSynchrony? Working adults who are too busy to arrange a date and socialize. You will be surprised that many people nowadays are caught up with work and pay no attention to socializing and dating.

Before I go on a date, the dating consultant would arrange the date for my approved match, and that saves me the embarrassment and stress possible from asking people out or being asked out.

It was my first time using a dating site like eSynchrony. I did not know what to expect but I really liked that eSynchrony dating consultant worked closely with me to find my perfect match. I feel the online process of profile building is essential to get my message across to people and attract to suitable match. When it comes to the actual date, I find it convenient as the location, time and date is set by the dating consultant through our availability. This is perfect for busy people who apparently have no time to plan dates and outings.

One of my worries is safety. Is it safe to meet a person of a dating site just like that? My concerns were chucked aside after knowing consultants would verify all IDs before arranging a date and verfication and phone screening for all members.

I was fortunate to get acquainted with an university professor/lecturer from America. We had a nice early dinner at Da Paulo Pizza bar followed by ice cream and tea at Sunday’s Folks. The whole sharing was rather towards the intellectual side and no bullcrap. That’s what you get from a university professor and I answered like a good student. I enjoyed it a lot.
With all due respect to my date, I do not have his approval to publicize his photo. At least you get to see his arm.
Great profiling procedures and results, and also safe and reliable (, now it’s your turn to try eSynchrony ( too!

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