Monday, 20 October 2014

eSynchrony - I'm all in for a date!

Many did question why would I need a dating site to meet people? Well it is not a need but simply opening your options. Not everyone has the luxury to meet different people every day so one of the platforms to meet people is eSynchrony.

Who will benefit from eSynchrony? Working adults who are too busy to arrange a date and socialize. You will be surprised that many people nowadays are caught up with work and pay no attention to socializing and dating.

Before I go on a date, the dating consultant would arrange the date for my approved match, and that saves me the embarrassment and stress possible from asking people out or being asked out.

It was my first time using a dating site like eSynchrony. I did not know what to expect but I really liked that eSynchrony dating consultant worked closely with me to find my perfect match. I feel the online process of profile building is essential to get my message across to people and attract to suitable match. When it comes to the actual date, I find it convenient as the location, time and date is set by the dating consultant through our availability. This is perfect for busy people who apparently have no time to plan dates and outings.

One of my worries is safety. Is it safe to meet a person of a dating site just like that? My concerns were chucked aside after knowing consultants would verify all IDs before arranging a date and verfication and phone screening for all members.

I was fortunate to get acquainted with an university professor/lecturer from America. We had a nice early dinner at Da Paulo Pizza bar followed by ice cream and tea at Sunday’s Folks. The whole sharing was rather towards the intellectual side and no bullcrap. That’s what you get from a university professor and I answered like a good student. I enjoyed it a lot.
With all due respect to my date, I do not have his approval to publicize his photo. At least you get to see his arm.
Great profiling procedures and results, and also safe and reliable (, now it’s your turn to try eSynchrony ( too!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Limited Edition –­ Hypnotic

Eyewear designer theo launches first piece of jewellery
Hypnotic, is it a pair of glasses, an optical illusion or just a trick? In any case, Hypnotic is a piece of jewellery that can be worn by anyone who falls under its spell. Whether you're a theo fan, a lover of beautiful objects, a design addict or a fashionista. It's all about making the unwearable wearable. And the object needs to express both the beauty and the individuality that are theo's unique signature.
Christmas gift
Hypnotic comes in four different models, two of which are coated in gold and two in palladium. Because of the exclusive character of this striking design, we made a conscious choice to produce it in a limited edition. Only 100 pieces have been made of each model. Each one is numbered on the reverse as well as on the box. And you must admit, the right packaging adds a priceless touch. That's why each one comes individually packed in a ‘little black box’ with a stylish print. It instantly makes a perfect gift for birthday, Christmas or New Year's.

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