Kristen Bell to host the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award®

TweetLIVE BROADCAST ON MONDAY, 22 JANUARY 2018, 9:00AM (8:00AM JKT/BKK) ON BLUE ANT ENTERTAINMENT ——————————————————————– Bell breaks new ground as the SAG Awards® first-ever host Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Frozen) will host the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® on Monday, 22 January 2018, an event which is simulcast first and exclusive, LIVE from the U.S at 9 a.m. (8:00AM JKT/BKK) on Blue Ant Entertainment. […]


TweetMany women notice that their sexual health changes after childbirth. Some are temporary, but other symptoms can leave lasting long term effects, especially after traumatic births. As the female body goes through many changes during pregnancy, the recovery to pre-pregnancy sexual health after childbirth can vary between each women.   Some women experience better sex […]

Douce France 2017 – Atout France’s annual ASEAN workshop

TweetOne of the richest and most diverse countries in Europe – France boasts an enviable natural beauty, culture and heritage that have inspired artists throughout the generations. Have you heard of a futuristic water taxi startup called SeaBubbles? They have over a dozen vessels in the River Seine in Paris since summer this year. Not only […]

Fantasy Desserts Grand Opening | First in Singapore to specialize in HEALTHY Artisan Desserts

Tweet99.9% of the time dessert/ice cream is made using full cream milk whilst for gelato, only LOW FAT MILK or SKIMMED MILK is used. Hence, normal ice cream usually has 25% FATS and gelato only contains BELOW 8% FATS! As for sorbet, it doesn’t contain any milk or dairy products. Great for those who are Lactose […]

One Nation Paris – Luxury, as nowhere else

TweetChristmas is the season of giving, and we never need much persuasion to go on a bit of a shopping splurge (we see it as doing our bit for the economy, and we’re sticking with that reason should the husband ask). Paris is a never-ending shopper’s paradise, so no doubt you and yours will all be […]