Janiqueel and Mr. C are finding that they are marvelous travel khakis

It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

Travel Khakis is a travel agency based in Singapore. With a difference. Setting them apart is the personal service that they provide for both corporate clients and individuals. From visa procurement to custom-tailored adventures, to help with all travel arrangements, Travel Khakis is carving a niche in the crowded Singapore travel market. Offering such tours as a Convoy, Festival, Full Moon Party, Gourmet, Oversea Marathon. and Yoga. There’s even a Korean Esthetic tour with a tempting price for those considering cosmetic rejuvenation. Fun fact: Sometimes spelled “kaki”, in the travel context “khaki” means companion or buddy – a Singaporean derivation, as far as I could determine.

Whatever the derivation, the service that we received on a long, Deepavali holiday weekend at the brand new, practical, family-oriented Cassia Bintan suited us to the ground. When I say “us”, I include Mr. C, the official child of Janiqueel. This was his first beachfront resort experience and he gave it high marks. When asked to rate the resort on a scale of 1 to 4, four fingers flew up. (Full disclosure: when asked any question involving numbers, Mr. C always raises four fingers.) That said, it was clear that the kid was having a great time as he ran and jumped and played and SWAM. Thanks to regular swimming lessons and the proximity of “Mama”, Mr. C has no fear of water. The pool at Cassia is situated just off the restaurant deck where the occasional glass of wine (for Mama, of course) could be had at the wave of a hand. So could a second glass of wine. And third.

We found ourselves in this holiday nirvana after a ferry ride (Mr. C’s first) from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and a shuttle ride to the resort after we had cleared immigration. All was arranged by Travel Khaki and went without a hitch. These are small details provided by all-inclusive tours that make traveling less of a hassle. Wrestling with baby bags, a stroller, and a wheeled suitcase is enough of a challenge, thank you. “Mama” doesn’t need unforeseen glitches. Unless you count the temporary misplacement of a Siderman sippy cup (no small issue, believe me) there were none I’m happy to report.

Fully settled into the Bintan Cassia, we struck out on day 2 for a Bintan tour also arranged by our travel “buddies”. A lake surrounded by eroded soil was or first stop. We appreciated the local stalls offering drinks, light meals, and fruit on this hot morning. The lake itself, and its surroundings provide a desert-like atmosphere and khaki-brown backgrounds for uniques photo ops. Happy to get back into our air-conditioned van, we traveled to a local restaurant for an ayam penyet lunch, Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha (another first for the lad), a mall. They have shopping malls in Bintan – who knew!? To cap the long day’s exploration, we stopped at a spa for delicious foot and body massages. As if trained to do so, Mr. C slept soundly on the bed beside mine throughout the hour-long treatment. He is a good boy. I didn’t hesitate to point that out when he woke.

Our ferry on Monday didn’t set sail until late afternoon, so we had plenty of time to catch up on beach walks, the pool, and lunch before packing up and bidding a fond farewell to Bintan and the Bintan Cassia Resort.

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We’ll be back, we hope!

With writing help of JKJ

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