Four Cow Farm All-In-One Starter Kit

Tweet Traditional and authentic all-natural recipes from a Grandmother and Former Midwife, handcrafted right on our family farm in the Blackall Range Mountains, Australia. Each with only one aim, to give parents and babies the best natural skincare possible. Four Cow Farm Baby Creams, Balms and Washes are made with the finest natural ingredients: The […]

NAÏF Babycare The Stork’s Gift

Tweet NAÏF (pronounced like naive) Babycare line was started by two entrepreneurial fathers (they used to work at Google and Unilever), Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hes, who wanted to provide their children with the best quality baby care products available. NAÏF Babycare offers soothing and protective baby care products that are developed specifically for babies skin. To come […]

The Importance of Touch

TweetSkin-to-skin contact is used to promote parent/infant bonding, especially for premature babies. It is the practice of holding an infant dressed only in a diaper between a mother’s bare breasts contact with parents’ skin, babies remain warm and experience more interaction. A mother’s chest temperature changes to meet her baby’s needs, rising if baby is […]