Cloth diapers today are not what they were twenty years ago. Instead of just being flat pieces of muslin cloth that you would have to fold into diaper shapes and fasten with a safety pin (these still exist), they now come in a myriad of colourful prints and no folding is needed.


I was sent a Nuggles™  Simplee 2.0 cloth diaper and Swimsees™ reusable swim diapers to try. I received the Simplee by Nuggles in Outdoorable (new print) with a bamboo inner and Swimsees™ in Toucan I am.


About Nuggles

Nuggles™  is a Canadian owned cloth diaper manufacturer who has their diapers made overseas.  The diapers were designed at a kitchen table in Canada by a mom who wanted the best solution for her baby. Now the diapers are ethically made in China and are 100% CPSIA compliant.


About the Simplee by Nuggles™

The Simplee by Nuggles™  all-in-two is designed to be used either as an all-in-two or as a pocket diaper.  The inner fabric is a bamboo and it includes two bamboo inserts that can be used individually or as a pair.  These inserts are designed to snap into the interior of the diaper as well.  If you stuff, snapping in the insert is optional and the inserts are designed to agitate out in the wash.  Additionally, there’s a strip of PUL in the front of the diaper to prevent wicking in the front. The Simplee also has a double gusset and a hip snap to prevent wing droop.  The rise is adjusted in in front with four levels of snap rise, giving five levels of height adjustment.  The Simplee by Nuggles is designed to fit from 7-40 lbs.


What I love about Simplee by nuggles

Nuggles™ Simplee 2.0 is by far one of the largest diapers on the market, and if you have a chunky baby, this is definitely worth the mileage. All-in-Two (AI2) have a detachable snap-in or lay-in insert, which means that the shell can be reused for more than one diaper change.  You just remove the wet dirty insert and replace it with a clean one! The benefit of a removable insert means you can still customize the diaper’s absorbent inner, and they dry much faster than traditional all-in-ones. It has also a nice large opening at the back, as well as a slit up front ensuring the insert is right where you want it.


What I love about Swimsees™

They have adjustable lining. I haven’t come across many that you can actually adjust the lining in, this will provide a snug fit and is the key to holding any thing in you don’t want out. (Yup, poop!) Adjustable Waist offers 4 settings to fit snug and comfortably from 7-35 lbs. They are available in super cute prints or solid colors. So why not have a cute printed baby bum running around? If you are using a swimsuit over top you see the print peaking out instead of the white disposable diaper I used to buy. Bonus: it’s much nicer to capture a cute photo in a cloth print. It is easy care, machine wash and hang to dry. Ultimately the Swimsees™ is reusable. I have used mine again and again and I am trying to add up how much I would have spent on disposables by now. 


What I don’t like

 I find that it takes longer than I would like to dry because of the bamboo material.  Bamboo inner is quite slow to dry for any diaper because of the nature of the fabric so it is not really a surprise. Although Nuggles™ claims this will fit from 7-40 lbs, it is going to be too small by 40 lbs. Mr C is 16ish lbs now and I don’t consider him very chubby. This will obviously depend on the size of your child and hopefully my boy will be potty training and I won’t need it by that size and weight. 



Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link but all thoughts on the Nuggles Simplee and Swimsees™ are my own.


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CHRISTMAS 🎄GIVEAWAY! . Cloth diapers today are not what they were twenty years ago. Instead of just being flat pieces of muslin cloth that you would have to fold into diaper shapes and fasten with a safety pin (these still exist), they not come in myriad of colourful prints and no folding is needed. I’ve teamed up with @nugglesdiapers to give 1 lucky winner 1 #simplee cloth #diaper and 1 swimsee reusable #swim diaper. . To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is: 👇🏼 1. Follow me @janiqueel 2. “Like” this photo ❤️ 3. Tag 3 friends in the comments below! (No celebrities or bloggers) For every friend tagged you get an extra entry 4. Hop over to my #review on @nugglesdiapers 👉🏾 or #linkinbio . That’s it! Giveaway ends on 22nd Dec. For participants #worldwide.😘 #merrychristmas

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CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Swimsees™ and Simplee. by Nuggles!™ review

  1. Cute Diapers. I would love to know if these diapers do end up fitting your little one when he does hit 40lbs. It would be really cool to see you do another review later on and let us know how they work out!

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