Many have been asking me these questions – hey Fa’rath, how do I get my webpage on the first page of Google or Yahoo? How long would it take to appear in Google? What should I do? Is it very difficult? Should I pay hefty onwards for SEO?

I know right – these are the typical questions on the next step after creating your first webpage to get good traffic every single day. But the thing is many do not realize it – it’s rather difficult to get your webpage up (where you would need a Designer and so on) and but building up the traffic for your webpage is the easiest if you were to ask me.

How? Well, this is the part many won’t answer you. Because this is where the actual recipe lies. Many blogs which I came across teaches us on what tools to leverage to get more traffic and what keywords tool we need to use and so on.

BUT sadly, most of these guys do not reveal the HOW portion which is the hidden portion. Hence, in this scribbling, I am dedicating this as a leaker to my next upcoming scribblings where I would be touching on HOW to do SEO within a span of 3 days just to get your webpage on the first page of Google or Bing even.

And obviously, I won’t be spamming all of the How to Get your website on the first page of Google in this single scribbling but I decided to break it down in 2 to 3 different scribblings to gauge your understanding and of course, buy sometime for you to grasp on HOW IT IS DONE.


So, keep yourself tuned to my next-to-next scribblings to learn HOW TO get your Web page to the first page of Google within a Month.

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