Janiqueel finds out what HKTDC is all about and what it offers through its web presence and trade fairs.

The HKTDC’s mission is to create opportunities for Hong Kong companies. We focus on delivering value by promoting trade in goods and services while connecting the world’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through Hong Kong’s business platform. In striving to be the best trade promotion organisation in the world, the HKTDC is committed to Developing and expanding new frontiers by exploring, learning, and innovating; Building on Hong Kong’s economic success through global business; Creating and delivering value to our customers; Maintaining trust, respect and openness in all our relationships.

For starters, I found that HKTDC is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.  “Merchant Court” was an apt phrase for the luncheon as connecting merchants and clients is the raison d’etre of HKTDC. So, as an influencer of note, janiqueel fit right in. Not a merchant; not a client but rather a conduit between the two, janiqueel is a bit like HKTDC in that this blog seeks to highlight products and services aimed at the discriminating and creative consumer. That’s basically what HKTDC does on a large scale complete with events, conferences, and online sales. For janiqueel, the luncheon provided networking opportunities to the max and a glimpse into the world of HKTDC.

The link between Hong Kong and Singapore is well-established and well-trod. Capitalizing on the relationship, HKTDC sponsors a myriad of conferences and exhibitions in Hong Kong covering an immense range of products and services. Looking at two of janiqueel’s main interests, fashion and parenting, for instance, there are several events in the first half of 2019 that pertain:

  • Toys and Games Fair;

  • Baby Products Fair;

  • Fashion Week for Fall/Winter;

  • Gifts and Premium Fair.

In all, there will be twenty events between the start of 2019 and May with more to follow. Having hosted 4,360 exhibitors in 2018, the Gifts and Premium Fair is once again expected to be the largest event of HDTDC’s season. Books, sports and leisure, printing and packaging, diamonds and pearls, electronics, and film and TV to name just some. These are major events and HKTDC stages and manages them all.

Check out the website for information on online sales. There is a scheme whereby one can join become a member, earn points and find rewards and benefits for various levels of membership. Membership also scores extras ant the trade fairs. It’s well set up and an interesting take on online shopping and a springboard to the many fairs and expos that HKTDC builds and maintains.

Here in Singapore, the HKTDC office is run by Vivienne Chee who gave a clear, concise explanation of her company’s mission and strategies. Assistant Marketing Manager, Chelsea Tang communicated with luncheon-goers and participants. Both gave the impression of efficiency and knowledge. HKTDC, it seems, is in good hands and is a force to be considered when one such as I think about a presence in Hong Kong at one or more of the many trade events under HKTDC’s umbrella.

For more info: www.hktdc.com

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