I have an opening for 3 Android Developers and how do I even headhunt for them without paying a single penny to any recruiting agency?

Does that question sounds familiar to you? If it does, please keep reading.

I know that there’s tons of you, Recruiters having an issue recruiting for the best talents, and often you guys get into LinkedIn with a premium account and start searching for the keywords of the job to get some potential candidates before you use your In-Mail Premium functionality to spam the potential candidates. Also, let’s not forget that the LinkedIn Premium allows only for five In-Mail messages at a given time.

But the problem is, most of the times, the LinkedIn Search Results gives us less than 40 pages to begin with if you search for any specific keywords, and as a recruiter that ain’t vast options. Obviously, you would want to have a wide room of candidates where you as a recruiter could choose the best quality candidates out of from.

Some others flock over to Stackoverflow, GitHub or Dribble or even Behance to get the candidates of their choice, but this makes a Recruiter’s life difficult. In order to solve the tedious issue of hunting for the best candidate, this scribbling would find a useful hack which would eliminate any one of those tediousness and also ensuring the recruiters to get tons of pages of potential candidates to be connected with and to for their openings.

Now, let’s get your eyes opened wide enough for this hack! Aye! Now follow exactly what this is going to teach you in a sequential manner:

  1. Open a Private Browser or Tab (whichever makes sense to you).
  2. Ensure you AREN’T Logged In to LinkedIn at all in the same session of the browser as what you are using now
  3. Now head down to https://recruitin.net/ and key in the respective keywords to be searched for
  4. And dang, you would be diverted to a Google Search Page results from backlinked from RecruitIn

Simple as that, isn’t it? If you could see a nice Google Searches Page with tons of growing pages of LinkedIn Profiles, you made it. Simply take the URL of the LinkedIn Profile and connect on your main browser to get connected as a Third or Second Connection.

If you are not only looking for LinkedIn Page Results outcome, then this is also the best bet for you to search tons of hidden Dribble, GitHub Users or even other platform Users as listed on RecruitIn.

Now coming down to the thesis part of this scribbling, many years ago – Google came out with Boolean Search on Google Search Engine allowing searchers to search based on Boolean methods. For example, if you would like to search a specific page, you could add and subtract a certain formula to narrow down to the desired results page.

For example, let’s say if you would like to search for DevOps Engineers, you simply search for the command stated below in Google.com:

site:linkedin.com (DevOps Engineers)

But the problem with that is that, it would list all of the keywords of DevOps Engineers possibilities down. And that’s not what Recruiters want! Recruiters just want the Profiles of DevOps Engineers, and in order to counter that, RecruitIn came out with a brilliant idea to curate the search keyword using link building on Google’s Search instead of Boolean searches allowing the searches to be as accurate as possible listing an exhaustive list of candidates ONLY.

An example of such built link is depicted:

http://www.google.com/search?q=+”DevOps”+”Singapore” -intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”+site:linkedin.com/in/+OR+site:linkedin.com/pub/

So now, let’s get going to back to what this means to us! You would be able to collate a wide range of User Profiles without any issues and just like how I do, you could use a Web Crawler to crawl and gather the necessary information for your needs.


So, my Dear Recruiters, why not you go check out https://recruitin.net/ and find a possible use case for yourself?

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