Going blue with Artistry Hair Professional at International Plaza

TweetFast-forward through years of straightening, tousling and highlighting, my hair is not really in the best condition it could be. It’s not exactly fried, but it is also not swishing and swooshing like I want it to. Furthermore, I have naturally frizzy and curly hair. It can frizz up at the merest mention of rain.  […]

LES MILLS Body Combat and Body Pump with Marcelo Capi

TweetMost recently, I attended a LES MILLS™ BODYCOMBAT™ class exclusively conducted at True Fitness by Brazilian LES MILLS™ instructor, Marcelo Capi. The new Regional Fitness Manager of True Fitness and his team of instructors were incredibly enthusiastic, keeping the class very motivated. Instructions were clear and precise so I was able to follow them despite […]