10 Best Sex Education Books and Resources for Kids

Challenging topic! So much information to deal with and try to cope with in an attempt to guide in a correct way. Specially when we have to take on this for the first time. When to? How to? Is it too soon? Is it too late? Should it be formal? Should it be casual? Where?

I believe these are the many inquiry, doubts and fears when we get to “that question or point” in which we know that it is time to answer and face one of the most “scary and difficult” topics to explain to our kids.

Even when nowadays we do have many sources to search for help, or our sexual education is way more open than probably our parents’, or maybe we are more relaxed to carry on with this matter, the responsibility to do it correctly is still a huge load.

We need to know that yes, it is a challenging topic after all, as mentioned before, but we have to remember that how we approach it and with the correct tools, we will make a good job or not. So it is better to relax and get our hands into this, so we will bring the correct answers and knowledge to our little ones.

Forget to be shy about this, nervousness should be kept in another room, doubts on how you do it, too. Let’s be honest, concise, direct and kind.

Even though there are many ways to try to find sources for a better understanding or explanation!

But still, the best source to approach, explain and guide, are books. Specific books about this topic are available and approachable. They are easy to handle and language, context and images are essential when it comes to kids.

Here, in an attempt to help you, we present you the finding of The 10 Best Sex Education Books and Research for Kids:

Mummy Laid an Egg”, by Babette Cole.

This amazing book is not only informative but also funny. It is a classic first sex education book, depends on how much detail you will cover, but unlikely to phase or embarrass. Also covers health and hygiene issues which are very important for them to know.

Best for ages 3- 7

“Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees”, by Molly Potter.

Issues such as puberty, sex, reproduction and relationships are explained using bright illustrations and clear and honest language. The author, fully professionally prepared for these topics in a way to calm our children’s worries will answer questions and offer tips and practical advice.

Best for ages 6- 10

“Girl Talk”, by Lizzie Cox

Great advice and information book about hormones and body changes, personal hygiene, sex and contraception, relationships, body image, bullying and very important, how to stay safe online. This book is written by a teen magazine editor, also packed with questions and answers and fully illustrated with funny images adapted for kids to understand and related or relaxing laugh.

Best for ages 9- 12

“What’s Happening to Me?”, by Alex Frith.

Not only informative, but also detailed and sensitive guide to sex and puberty, from body changes, hormones, body images, physical and emotional changes. Offers a resource advice to pre-teens about what is actually going on with their bodies and their concerns.

There is also a version for girls.

Best for ages 9- 12

“Where Willy Went”, by Nicholas Allan.

This creator, decides to present the facts of life in a unique and funny, warm and non-threatening way. You will not find the name of the body parts, just the story of Willy, the little sperm that lives inside Mr Browne. The perfect way to answer kids’ first questions without confusing them or introducing too much information.

Best for ages 3- 7

“It’s Not the Stork!”, by Robie Harris.

Very popular and detailed, cover pregnancy, babies, bodies, appropiate and inappropriate physical contact, families and love. People that are pictured in the book, are all races, ages and body shapes. Also explain how a baby grows in the womb and offers basic description of intercourse.

Best for ages 4- 8

“Amazing You!”, by Gail Saltz.

When giving the first answer to the “Where do babies come from?”, this picture book is a good option. Illustrations are cartoon-like and cover the baby to young adult. There is no focus on the mechanics of sex. The nature of genitals is also covered. This makes a good starting point for a conversation with your kids. A trusted adult for help is anyone’s behavior makes them uncomfortable.

Best for ages 3- 6

Whats’s Down there?”, by Alex Waldron.

This book introduce young children to important concepts about safety and hygiene. Illustrations are fun, creative and will appeal to children of various ages and the language is age-apporpiate and informative. Body positive story that emphasises consent nd individuality and also a section for parents. Along with advices and dialogues.

Best for ages 3- 7

“Respect Consent, Boundaries and Being in Charge of You”, by Rachel Brian.

Funny, insightful introduction to consent which the perfect conversation would be as a starter for both parents and children. Through cartoon illustrations sets boundaries, how to respect other people and learning to be an awesome friend. A practic playful, smart handbook to feel 100% in charge of your body and yourself.

Best for ages 7- 11

The Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Great”, by Sophie Elkan, Laura Chaisty, Maddy Podichetty.

An informative, kind, sensitive and calm book , handbook older tweens and young teens will find non-judgmental. Well as the facts on body basics, emotions about changes, both physical and psychological, crushes, appearance, first relationships and sexuality all covered. Also life online is also discussed, and has lovely illustrations makes it accessible.

Best for ages 10- 14

So, here we go! Another step or great adventure or challenge in the life and road of parenting. Trying to be the best but learning on the way with them. Searching for the perfect synchrony, but the pieces are still new to bond perfectly. Sometimes it feels like having a plane and have no idea how to start to fly, but feeling at the same time…what a wonderful and priceless flight!

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