Amazing 14 Pirata Group Restaurants Hong Kong

Here, in alphabetical order, Janiqueel offers a quick peek at a vast and varied collection of Hong Kong restaurants eager for your visit. Pirata – “quality product and exceptional service at honest prices.”

To feel sentimental about the past is unusual for Hong Kong. Hong Kong is always changing, it’s always embraced change.

Anthony Bourdain
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  • On 8 Cleveland Street, the tastes of Spain await. CALLE OCHO offers a wealth of authentic Spanish dishes in an Iberian ambiance, Calle Ocho is a trip. We opted for a seafood experience. IMHO the prawn, mussel, and clam paella is a must. But have a look at the other enticing options from sea and shore.


  • On the cultural hub of Wyndham Street, through the Hugger Mugge Salon, you’ll be able to follow the delicious aroma of Indian cuisine wafting from CHAIWALA, “Your home for Colour and Creativity”. Briyani, curry, tandoor, dosas, and more creatively designed dishes will satiate your taste for the sub-continent. My pick for “Dunch” – is Pink Salt Salmon. Their service is superb. Enjoy.


  • With a choice of intimate dining areas or a dining room, HONJO in Sheung Wan is the home of some of the most succulently authentic Japanese food in Hong Kong. Dark wood and soft lighting set the mood for an elegant, yet down-to-earth experience. A dedicated lunch menu is a welcoming way to try a little of sashimi, tempura, sushi, ala carte, or as part of a bento.


  •  For a more intimate take on the HONJO vibe, HONJOKKO in Oxford House invites guests to watch the expert chefs do their thing. On the à la carte menu, “fukurokuju 880”, is a fine choice to start you and your friends on the Japanese journey. It features wine and sake pairing, as well.


  • Flamboyant and eccentric is the vibe endowed by the Pirata Group onto LA FAVORITA. Nostalgic Italian on King’s Road Quarry Bay. Homemade pasta is on the menu in various forms accompanying pork, beef, turbot, or cod. Bold, colorful, and hearty, this menu does not compromise on the promise of “Unconditional Hospitality”. 


  • A restaurant on Staunton Street called MEATS specializes in beef, chicken, pork, and lamb cooked to perfection. “MEAT ME AT MEATS” is the clever name for happy Hour happening Monday through Thursday, 17:30-19:30. International beers, mixed drinks, and wine flow as you have fish tacos, a cold cut tray, or U.F.C. – Ultimate Fried Chicken. I’ll have an Argentinian beer with mine, please. 


  • For an authentic Northern Spanish experience, you’d do well to check out THE OPTIMIST on Hennessy Road. Daily blackboards display the steak of fish of the day. Asador-style traditional grills are brought to your table and a chef cooks your chosen dish in front of you. At dunch find tapas, meat, and seafood plates, and desserts to finish it all off right.


  • Stanley Market Road in Stanley is the venue for PANE E LATTE where some of the island’s most succulent pastries can be found, tasted, and appreciated. Downstairs the light furniture and abundance of ambient light give a sunny feel to your day. It’s perfect to enjoy a  pastry and a hot drink. More substantial entrees can be found upstairs amid a multitude of antiques from Mailan. 


  • Calling itself “Your neighborhood pasta bar”, PICI, on Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, is a straightforward, high-quality, no-frills venue for the best of Italian cuisine. Deliveries work, as well.


  • On the thirtieth floor of 239 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, is the PIRATA, “Your Home for Honset Italian”. Browns, tans, and deep reds paint the walls and surfaces of the industrial chic interior. Set over to floors high atop Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle, Pirata gives shelter from the city storm amid an intimate authentically Italian atmosphere. King Prawns Fresh Chitarra Spaghetti, anyone?


  • On Peel Street, Central–Star Street, in Wan Chai, is THE PIZZA PROJECT where the GIRO BRUNCH is a highlight. The Free-flow pizza and drinks for 90 minutes at mid-day harken an Italian feel followed by a siesta. It’s a low-key restaurant, not seeking to prove anything, just to provide high-quality pizza and drinks in a friendly atmosphere.   


  • A large open-air terrace on the sixteenth floor above Taikoo Place is the setting for TEMPO TEMPO where delicious bites can be had to complement a full drink, wine, and beer menu. “Chill” is the emphasis here. Whether that chill time is after a business day, in the midst of a tourist tromp, or just some quiet “Me-Time”, you’ll find the vibe of being smack dab in the heart of the city while somehow above it all finding your very own tempo.


  • Inspired by Temaki – hand-rolled sushi, the three TMK venues in Hong Kong offer an alternate dining experience: Punk & Rolls in Sheung Wan, Rap & Rolls in Wan Chai, and Funk & Rolls, in Quarry Bay. Each of the venues is loud and lively ns feature the signature temaki, sakes, nori bowls, sushi, and sashimi. Itadakimasu!


  • Like a loud and lively Japanese pub (“Izakaya”) TOKYOLIMA is an out-of-the-way place for unpretentious food, drinks, and companionship. Innovative Japanese and Peruvian fusion food are the framework on which Tokyolima is built. Each month sees a special party, like Sakura Night, Mistura Night, We Love Eighties Brunch or Glamour night. Escape the grind and try something unique.

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