5 Best Ways To Store Clothes In Self Storage

There are four seasons in a year, and your wardrobe may feel uncomfortable adjusting season-specific clothes for the entire family. More space challenges can come up when there is a fresh addition to the family. It can be a taxing affair, adjusting winter clothing and seasonal wardrobe with baby’s diapers and wedding costumes. In teeny-weeny homes, the space crunch is enormous. How are you going to create a room for your clothes given the space constraints?

You can tackle these storage problems by loading up clothes in self-storage. It helps you free up the storage space in your home. And you can put on more items in it for longer if you do not feel their immediate need. You can find customized storage facilities like Self Storage Lisboa, ideal for individuals and businesses 365 days a year.

Let us find out the ways to store your clothes to ensure their long life.

1. Wash And Dry Clothes Before Packing Them For Storage

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Before you pack your clothes for self-storage:

  1. Wash, iron, and fold them to maintain their longevity.
  2. For clothes made of costly fabrics like silks or wool, consider having them sent for dry cleaning.
  3. Avoid spraying deodorant or perfume on clothes before sending them for self-storage as it can stain clothes and attract dust-loving moths with time.
  4. Also, repair your clothes before you store them. Sew on missing buttons and stitch up small holes so that the garments stay crisp and new in the storage facility.

2. Explore Storage Supplies Options

The cardboard box you use is appropriate for some storage situations, not all. Protect your clothes through a variety of storage options like plastic bins that are more durable than cardboard. Wardrobe boxes help store clothing items in hangars and are suitable for jackets, coats, and non-foldable clothing. Cotton garment bags placed inside the wardrobe box are ideal for protecting your hanging clothes from termite attack.

Think about the lighting jolt on your fabrics. Light can fade away fabrics. Store your less worn and used garments in a cool and dark place to avoid any harsh light on your clothes.

3. Create A Checklist

Cataloging is a useful way to create a suitable inventory of self-storage items. It helps you quickly access clothing items of seasonal and select wear. You can color-code each storage box for easier identification when you pick your deposited items. A color code dedicated to each family member brings clarity and convenience in sorting and picking specific clothing items. This method helps you to locate storage bins easily and with fewer errors.

When creating an inventory, list down every item in your self-storage bin. The clothing garment size and a brief description of it taped on the container will help you know the contents. Such a system will make you search the bin less for storage items.

4. Say No To Vacuum Sealing

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Vacuum-sealing your clothes in a plastic bag can get you more space in a storage bin. But it is not a conducive option for all clothing items. Storing expensive materials like fur in a storage container can squash the material. Trapped moisture in the bag and drying of clothing with time are possible side-effects.

Go for vacuum-sealing of clothes for a short period to prevent damage. Containers or garment bags are reliable options to pursue.

5. Put Cedar Balls For Moth Protection

Mothball is a common remedy, but it is not a fool-proof solution and is quite dangerous if children and pets encounter the same. Cedar balls are an excellent substitute for garment protection from moths, mildew, and foul odors. While putting cedar balls in yourstorage kit, do not place them directly on your clothes but on top of the storage container for the best protection.

Add silica gel packets in your storage containers if you live in a humid place. It will help in absorbing moisture from your stored clothes.


Donate unwanted items in clothing that you have not worn for the past seven months. It is better to discard off ill-fitting clothes rather than make them occupy unwanted space in your storage carton. Refold your clothing after every few months to avoid permanent creasing and stains developing. Learn to place heavier clothing items at the bottom of the storage container and delicate items at the top.

These tips and tricks will help you feel more confident about keeping your clothing in self-storage. There are ample choices in storage units. Decide the one that’s right for your needs. Also, learn the impact of climate-controlled storage on your clothes. Doing your background work on choosing the right storage company will give you satisfaction and make your clothes feel happy easily. Sort your clothes and enjoy the custodian feeling.

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