5 corset style wear to rock a party

The first thing that comes to a woman’s mind when she gets an invitation for a party is – What to wear and how to look chic and rock the party?

To answer this question, let’s talk about one of the many options women have.

Yes, let’s talk about Corsets. A fashion wear that every rocker-chic girl should have in her wardrobe.


Corset, once upon a time was worn to get into a desired shape – a smaller waist and a larger bottom. It was supposed to be a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe, it used to be worn under the dress. This garment used to be skin fit or even tighter to give one’s body the required or the hourglass shape.

The fashion industry keeps evolving the fashion outfit ideas and every time comes up with something unique. From only inner wear waist training garment the corset became an item of outerwear and women now happily wear them as a fashion statement.

Unlike the traditional stiff stuff corsets, the designers use materials that are comfortable to wear, good to look and can be worn on formal occasions too. Designed with details such as embroidery, sequins, stones, beads, tassels and more – it’s an endless list.

Depending on the designs and the material used they vary in shape, style, fitting and of course,  you can find them in different colours. Unlike the traditional black and white that was used in olden days.

They can be overbust or underbust high waist corset or low waist corset; inner-wear or outerwear; casual wear or party wear; waist training garment or the fashion garment.

Let me introduce you to 5 corset style wears for you to rock the party. Pick your choice to get into the elegant and sexy look:

  1. Corset dress: For a princess look go in for a strapless dress with corset back, flared skirt and jeweled bodice. It’s the most classic and feminine type of overbust that accentuate and supports the breasts with a defined waist. Keep it short for the doll look and full length for the princess look.

  2. High waist corset pants: Throw up your attitude with High waist corset pants with a stretchy skinny fit. The lacing at the waist aesthetically camouflages the front zip closure and gives your dress a complete party wear look. Heart leggings with a bright coloured tube top with some beads and sequins details either on your top or on the accessories to complete your Stella rosa party look.
  3. High waist corset skirt: If you are looking for a corset garment that helps you flaunt your shapely legs then you may go for the high waist pencil skirt silhouette, with sexy corset-inspired details. Go for a fitted and stretch fabric that makes it comfortable and still gives you a party-worthy look. Pair it up with a full sleeve bright coloured tuck in top and your favourite footwear.
  4. Corset Top: For a decent look go for a satin top with front buttons, full sleeves and corset design with lace up closure at back. You can pair it up with your favourite pair of jeans or skirt.

  5. Add-ons – Corset Belts: A corset style belt in a bold colour will stand out over a long sleeve jumpsuit. It helps to enhance the well-maintained figure. Those with not so well maintained figure may not get disheartened as a corset belt helps them hide their extra pounds. Just keep your jump suit a size bigger than the one you usually wear. The extra size ballooning will beautifully cover those extra pounds. Wear it over a crisp white shirt for a classy look.

Though the corset emphasizes a woman’s elegance it has its own health hazards too.

Wearing it too often may damage the internal organs to some extent. It may cause tuberculosis, damage the heart and lungs, rearrange the woman’s internal organs. This is the reason why the steel boned corsets or the waist training corsets came into being.

The transition of this garment has been amazing. From a simple innerwear corset, these have evolved to a total style statement garment. 

This beautifully fitted garment enhances a woman’s figure as well as helps her flaunt her sexy legs in the aesthetically designed dress. Women have a variety of corset styles to choose from. A full body covered corset to a sexy skimpy one. A corset style garment that can be worn on its own or over the shirt/top to give it a red carpet walk look.

So the next time that you get invited to a party, do not fret just don a corset and be a showstopper.   

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  1. It stood out to me when you explained that a high-waisted corset skirt can help accentuate the shape of our legs. I want to start dressing to show my personality when I go out to parties or to clubs with my friends on the weekends. Thanks for teaching me these great ideas I can use to choose pieces and accessories after I buy a corset!

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