5 easy ways to detox your body this fall

The season of fall is characterized by a change in the weather for the cold. It is also a period of time when we all prepare ourselves for holidays to come. In order to finish all the work before the arrival of the Christmas, we may have to incur tight schedules and a hectic timeline of work. This can cause us to load on unhealthy foods. Since there is no doubt you want to look your best for the upcoming festive season, you would have to cleanse your body system within. A healthy and fit body shall show up on the skin and make you look radiant. Read on to know some simple ways to detox your bodies this fall.

Eat natural and fresh foods

The main culprits behind the accumulation of toxins in the body are the processed, packaged, refined and fried foods. These are responsible for spurring the growth of free radicals in the body. Not only do they play a hand in the unnecessary fat gain but also destroy the collagen of the skin. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, on the other hand, play the role of cleaning the body of the accumulated toxins. Their high content of dietary fibre ensures the removal of toxic substances from the body.

Some of the common foods that aid detoxification and facilitate a cleanse include garlic, beets, apples, broccoli sprouts, fermented foods, walnuts, oranges, and onion. A pesto salad full of green vegetables shall also allow you to detoxify naturally. These foods are known to be rich in antibacterial properties and improve the health of the gut manifold.

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Drink ample amount of water

Whether are you at work or on a vacation, consumption of an adequate amount of water every day should be your priority. Keep a water bottle handy and take regular sips of water all through the day. Drinking water facilitates the process of detoxification in the body and flushes out the toxins. It also aids the digestive system of the body. Our kidneys require the help of water to filter the blood of the wastes. Your colon may suffer dysfunction due to the deficiency of water, directly leading to constipation.

Hence, hydration is a paramount requirement for our bodies to function well. Besides, water is also known to rejuvenate the cells of the body, keep the energy levels intact, and invigorate the metabolism of the body. As per a study, you should drink at least 3 litres of water on a daily basis.

Invest time in exercising

However busy your schedule might get, it is imperative to take out a minimum of 4 days to perform physical activities. Keeping yourself fit shall do a whole world of good for confidence and activeness. Indulging in exercises invigorates the circulation of the blood, allowing the nutrients to reach each and every part of the body. They also aid the transportation of lymph fluid in the body, which helps flush the excess toxins efficiently. You also tend to aid the process of detoxification through perspiration.

When a body engages in a work out session, the oxygen levels in the cells of the body rise significantly. This causes the accumulated toxins in the cells to declutter the space. Those having a busy schedule can opt for HIIT exercises such as burpees, sprinting, planks, and push-ups in order to gain maximum benefits in a short span of time. 

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Ditch the harmful foods

There are certain foods that prove to be the breeding ground for toxins and harmful bacterias in the body. They impact the digestive process negatively and eventually cause the gain of unnecessary fats in the body. Some of the most popular ones among these include vegetable oils, sugar, excess salt, refined wheat, alcohol, and trans-fat-rich foods.

Our bodies react to these processed foods by a spike in the blood sugar levels and inflammation. This may further cause damage to the endothelial cells in the arteries and harm the health of the heart. Their consumption in high amounts can become the reason for various kinds of cancer in the body. Thus, avoid including these in your diet to maintain the purity of the blood and the organs of the bodies alike.

Fast your way to a cleanse

The digestive system needs a reboot to function to its optimal level. Give it a rest to rejuvenate well by going on a fast. You don’t have to avoid eating altogether but consume only those foods that are the easiest to digest. Hence, follow this procedure of fasting for about a day or two and consume only fruits and vegetables. A study goes on to prove their ability to provide a good cleanse to the entire system.

Drink fluids such as green tea and coconut water to aid the elimination of toxins. It will give your metabolism a push and eliminate wastes from the body at a faster pace. Make a switch to the oils such as coconut oil and the olive oil for their nutritional benefits once you are done with fasting. Your body shall feel a lot fitter and energetic for days to come. You can also try some herbal supplements as well for like milk thistle, Chlorella and Spirulina etc. body detoxification, there are many cheap supplements available in the market for this.

Regular detoxification is an absolute necessity to keep the health of the body intact. A body that is clean from within shall be able to perform their best from the outside. Hence, imbibe these easy habits in your schedule and give your body a chance to feel great all over again.


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