5 Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Date Online

With the surge of apps and the virtual world’s buzz, dating today has become quite popular. What has further contributed to the dating world is the ease you can find a date or a match for yourself through such apps. But online dating is far from the breezy affair shown in popular advertisements and marketing videos. The truth is it is no piece of cake; following specific considerations can help ease your pain.

Currently, there are many platforms for a date, but the efficacy of these platforms is determined by how you respond to these. A lot of these places might confuse you about their algorithm and match finding abilities. Online dating has come up reliably because of the introduction of artificial intelligence that has made the algorithms a lot more careful with matches.

With that note, here are some ways that you should bear in mind before you begin your online dating journey.

1. Expectations v/s Reality

Online dating disappoints most people because it fails to meet expectations. This is because their dates and potential partners do not display the same qualities that they seek. You should bear in mind that dating is akin to any other trial you undertake, except you do it for a potential life partner.

So you should be very clear about what you want and what kind of relationship you are looking at. You may even find it worthwhile to list the qualities that you desire in potential partners. The only caveat here is that you must remember that it is impossible to see all individual characteristics. So you should prioritize your list so that you do not end up setting up unrealistic expectations.

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2. An App For It All

The next most important thing to knowing what you want is, knowing where you can find it. After you understand your expectations and priorities, you should find out which apps or online platforms have like-minded people.

A dating app must correspond to the type of individual you are looking for. These days there are plenty of apps that can help you find the right kind of community-based matches on factors such as age group, likes/dislikes, sexual preferences/ orientation, religion, culture, class, etc. You only have to find the right platform and sign up.

3. Profiling Right

Now that you have signed up on the app you deem fit, it all comes down to setting up your profile. First things first, looks may not matter, but personality does. The first step to attraction is perception and physical traits. So, you must start with the right profile pic. A lot of profiles allow you to upload multiple images of you doing various activities. Most people commit the grave mistake of filtering or editing their pictures too much.

On the contrary, your aim should be to ensure that your display profile picture must be original. You wouldn’t want your date to be surprised by what they see.

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4. Describe Yourself

Dating is all about getting to know the other person as much as you can. Your bio or profile description plays a significant part in this. People who scroll through your profiles will take an affinity to your looks based on who or what you are. Your profile description must communicate your likes or dislikes and other interesting information about you. The quirkier, the better. These details and quirky tidbits become exciting topics for conversations later on and may become a potential ice-breaker for a first date.

Apart from who you are, your profile should also communicate what you are looking for and potential deal-breakers. Try not to be too narrow with your descriptions and instead look for broad categories.

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5. Converse Your Way To A First Date

Most things you want to know about a potential partner are revealed only after initiating a conversation. So, you have set up your profile and swiped right on the ones you liked. An exciting match has pinged, and now it is time to go bold or go home.

Conversational topics can range from mutual favorites to that quirky habit you have that you haven’t told anyone yet. If your conversations seem interesting, perhaps it is essential to take that necessary plunge and go on that all-important first date. Meet in a public place or a good dinner maybe. As a precautionary measure, your friends and family must know where you two are meeting.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that online dating experience can just give you the initial shove, but much of it depends on how open or reserved you are. The above list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive.

These are some of the ways to help you find the right online dating partner. If you are a novice to dating apps or online dating, these five ways will provide you with ample guidance.

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