5 Instagram Accounts on Ethical Non-Monogamy

Unconventional, non-monogamous relationships are rarely depicted in mainstream media. The lack of portrayal and visibility only fuels the misconceptions around ethical non-monogamy and the people who are practicing it. 

Luckily, more and more people engaging in ethical non-monogamous relationships are starting to open up on social media, sharing their experiences with their followers. There are even Instagram accounts that center on the practices of non-monogamous couples. 

For today’s article, we’re going to share some of the Instagram accounts worth following if you want to know more about ethical non-monogamy and the types of relationships that fall under it. 

1. chillpolyamory

As of writing, Morgan has over 13.6k followers on Instagram and counting. She is one of the few polyamory-centric accounts to have that many followers, so we had to include her on our list. 

Morgan describes herself as pansexual and polyamorous since 2021. She’s also a polyamory mentor who offers relationships to non-monogamous couples and to those who want to explore it. 

As her way to educate people about non-monogamous relationships, Morgan features different types of non-monogamous couples on her Instagram page, such as throuples, open relationships, monogamish couples, and everything else in between. 

Morgan regularly does Q&As on her page where she answers questions about polyamory, mostly asked by curious followers and couples engaged in polyamory themselves.

2. Poly Pages

Poly Pages is the Instagram account of the podcast of the same name that discusses texts that shaped polyamorous communities and cultures today. It’s founded and managed by Claire, an educator, and academic who writes about polyamorous relationships.

It’s an account worth checking if you want some published and peer-reviewed sources about polyamorous relationships and ethical non-monogamy. After all, Poly Pages is an academic non-monogamous podcast.

What Poly Pages does on a wider scale is to promote academic sources about polyamory and engage in conversations about people who engage in ethical non-monogamous relationships.

Some of the books that have been discussed by Poly Pages are The Ethical Slut, The Relationship Anarchist Manifesto, and The Polyamory Breakup Book.

3. Fabi Nici Chris

Fabi, Nici, and Chris are a real-life polyamorous family based in Germany made up of two fathers, one mother, and one baby. It’s an account that details their everyday lives as a polyamorous couple, looking after their son.

By posting daily updates about their lives, this polyamorous family aims to show that non-monogamous couples are just like any other couple and that they’re capable of creating and nurturing their own families. 

Aside from sharing posts about their personal lives, Fabi, Nici, and Chris also post several quotes about polyamory, aimed at breaking the stigma around polyamorous families and helping couples explore ethical non-monogamy.

There are even several non-monogamous couples featured on their Instagram page as a way of promoting the different types of non-monogamous relationships. 

4. Raquel Savage

Raquel Savage is one of the most followed sex therapists on Instagram, with more than 146,000 followers as of writing. She’s a certified sex coach and therapist who aims to redefine what it means to be a woman in modern society. 

Raquel’s humorous and refreshing approach to women empowerment is what ultimately makes her account worth following. Most of her posts are about female sexuality, sprinkled with words on ethical non-monogamy, relationships, and trauma, among others. 

Aside from her Instagram account, she offers in-person therapy and online coaching services where she talks about female sexuality, particularly female fetishes, and practices safe sex while engaging in ethical non-monogamous relationships.

Raquel believes that being empowered in a non-monogamous relationship means being safe at all times too, so she often talks about safe and healthy sex practices.

It’s a sentiment echoed by a specialist at Urologist Singapore, who stresses the importance of sexual health for both men and women, so Raquel’s concerns make medical sense, it seems.

5. Polyamory_Awareness

If you want to humor yourself with some memes about non-monogamy, then you want to check out Polyamory Awareness. It’s one of the few Instagram accounts that both promote polyamory and poke fun at it. 

Since non-monogamy is often a loaded and complex topic for most people, Polyamory Awareness breaks it down by educating readers through the meme format. It proves that there are easy ways to understand how non-monogamy works.

It’s also not afraid of posting serious topics about ethical non-monogamy. There are several quotes about polyamory that aim to educate people that non-monogamous couples are as valid as monogamous ones. 

You will also find posts that differentiate the types of non-monogamous relationships, such the difference between polyamory and polygamy. 

In Conclusion

There’s still a long way to go in terms of breaking the stigma around ethical non-monogamous relationships and couples. These types of relationships are rarely shown in mainstream media, so an effective way to educate ourselves is through the Internet.

Fortunately, these Instagram accounts do their part in normalizing the different types of non-monogamous relationships through words and photos.

If you know other social media accounts that focus on non-monogamous relationships, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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