5 Stylish Ways To Rock A Corset

Corsets have drawn their inspiration from the Victorian era. They are irresistibly sexy and can elevate every look you carry. Wearing a corset can make you stand apart from rest of the people because it is very attractive and edgy.


Not only does it make you look sexy, but it has few other benefits too. It helps in reducing the size of the waist, helps to maintain a good posture and supports the bust.


Corsets can be made from a variety of fabrics like spandex, leather, mesh, ribbon, velvet as well as cotton. They are very adjustable and can be worn in a lot of ways like as a top, a bodycon dress, under clothes and even over a sexy shirt.


Though there are many ways to wear a corset to look gorgeous, we have enlisted five pro tips that will definitely help you to look extraordinarily sexy.


  1. Retro Garments:


If you want to give that old school retro look, corsets are certainly the best choice. They can give the perfect look to your vintage clothing. Carry off those flared skirts with utmost grace and edginess using a corset.


Since corsets act as body shapers, they can certainly enhance your retro look and make the complete look extremely charming. Look just as fabulous or even better than the ladies of that era.


  1. Corset Dress:


Corsets can make you look hot, cute, beautiful and what not depending on the dress. If you’re wearing a floral A-line dress, it will make you look extremely cute.


If you’re wearing a plain sheath dress, it can make you look incredibly sexy. So, you can always experiment with corsets depending on the outfit and create some amazing looks.


  1. Underbust Corset:


An underbust corset can either be worn under the bust line or can be carried on other clothes like a basic shirt or a top. If you’re bored of the same old piece of cloth, you can always recreate the same outfit in a different way without other people even recognising it.


Underbust corset can make your look more voguish by making your body and waistline look amazingly appealing. You will definitely catch everyone’s attention by wearing an underbust corset in the right way. Go for intricate colors and designs.


  1. Layer Up:


Who said corsets can’t be layered up. You can wear your stunning steel- boned corset with a number of layering pieces like a shrug, cape or even biker and bomber jackets.


All you have to do is wear a stunning piece of high rise bottoms, a pair of stilettos, a bold corset with a solid jacket. Do smokey makeup, straighten your hair and jazz up the look for the night.


  1. Experiment:


You don’t have to essentially go for dresses or tops, you can try something unique with your corsets too. Try something out of the box. Go for some western bottom pieces like a jeans or pants.

Try a layered necklace or a choker if you’re carrying it off as a tube top. You can make anyone drool over this stunning combination.


As we can see, corset are very versatile and can go very well in every season. Now that you have drawn some inspiration from the ideas above, you will definitely look your best.


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