7 Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Planning your wedding this year? As a would-be bride, the pre-wedding months are bound to be the most exciting months of your life.

Your list of invitees, the wedding venue decor, food arrangements, your dream wedding dress, photography arrangements, and even your wedding website! No doubt, the plan looks exhaustive. Make your job simpler by resorting to technology in terms of wedding planning apps. Also, get creative in advertising your D-day, with amazing custom graphics and wedding banners or custom signs at the wedding venue, on the wedding car, etc.

From an overall perspective, every item in your wedding planner is equally important, however, you would be certainly preoccupied with selecting your wedding dress. Having said that, it is only to your benefit to be aware of the current trends of bridal attire. You may not be a wedding fashionista, but you sure want to be a stunner on the D-day! This year brings out the best in every type of wedding dress, be it the 1800’s popular corset or an ultra-modern jumpsuit.

Let’s have everything listed out so that you can take your pick!

Here are 7 wedding dress trends for all you would-be brides of 2018:


1. Capes and Capelets

This year, it’s a good idea to swap the traditional veil for a modern as well as a vintage-style cape or capelet. Top off your wedding dress with a long or short or anything in between cape, and create that much desired alluring look! Bridal capes and capelets are sure to add drama to any wedding day look, while you walk down the aisle. Take off the cape or capelet before the reception, and you get two absolutely different looks, thus getting a two-in-one bridal outfit!

2. Corset

If you want to portray the much admired hourglass figure on the D-day, then think mainly about the waist. Needless to mention, a corset wedding dress is a must-be on your radar for 2018. A corset makes the waist look thin, while accentuating the hips and bust, thus adding subtle sensuality within minutes. A variety of cinched styles from bustiers to lace-up corsets to structured bodices ornamented with beads are all set to transform this year’s bridal world.

3. High Necks

Why should 2018 be an exception to the timeless trend of high necks? These wedding dresses range from vintage-style lace collars that are elaborately designed to absolutely easy-to-wear chic necks. Different styles of high necklines are being used for flattering different body types.The boat-shaped or “Sabrina” neckline is suitable for a delicate collarbone and a small chest, while the jewel or “T-shirt” neckline gives the illusion of a larger chest. The halter neckline is a good choice for women with broad, muscular, and angular shoulders.

4. Bare Shoulders

This is an effortlessly romantic wedding dress and a perennial favourite with brides. Most of the bare and off the shoulder-style dresses have sleek cutouts, lace decorations, and detailed designs. What makes the bare shoulders a hot trend for this year are fresh spins on the attire such as feathery sleeves that connect in the back, and a neckline covered entirely in pearls.

5. Billowed Sleeves

A must-have for the classic bride, this retro sleeved dress has replaced asymmetric necklines and extremely long wedding dress trains. Refreshing memories of the 70s look, especially of flower child styles, a wedding dress with billowed sleeves is sure to take the 2018 centre stage!


6. The Royal Wedding Gown

Who could be better trendsetters than the royals themselves? Their styles

are bound to be reflected in several other weddings across the globe. The minimal yet elegant look of Meghan Markle’s wedding gown proves her as one of the most modern princesses of 2018. This beautiful, fuss-free piece, designed by the world-famous designer Clare Waight Keller, that Princess Meghan wore on her wedding day was a floor-length gown, featuring a boat-shaped neck, and a triple silk transparent underskirt. The most dramatic part of this beautiful wedding gown was the cathedral-length veil. Having a length of 5 metres, this veil was decorated with lace illustrating flora from each of the 53 Commonwealth countries.

7. Pants and Jumpsuits

Who said you couldn’t wear pants for your own wedding? 2018 lets you bend the rules, say “No” to tradition, and spend the entire D-day in pants or jumpsuits! Elegant jumpsuits, flowing long and gracefully draped to the floor are taking over the bridal world. This type of unconventional attire gives you a powerful and confident appearance on the most special day of your life!

Probably you have already picked your style! If you had ever dreamt of an unconventional wedding dress for your special day, then the trends for this year surely allow you to fulfil your dream. And if you just wanted an elegant yet chick alteration to the traditionally favourite breathtaking wedding gown, then the 2018 trends don’t disappoint you either. So go ahead and make your wedding day extra special. And to top it all, you could be the next trendsetter in town!


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trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help them confidently embrace a fashion-forward lifestyle.

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