8 Benefits of HIFU Body Firming and Fat Reduction

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the latest and best treatment for long-lasting results without pain and downtime.

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.

Lauren Bacall

With no shortage of face-firming treatments in town, there is a new player on the scene. Based on science and designed to be non-invasive and effective. HIFU may be the best yet. Aimed squarely at collagen regrowth and remodelling, HIFU slows ageing and speeds up self-assurance and pride in your unique beauty.

It’s well worth a try. Here’s why:

  1. Fast and pain-free, the treatment. With an appointment, the treatment can be done on-site as you relax in a comfy chair. Daydreaming is encouraged as the expert technicians fine-tune the experience for your persona; situation.
  1. Usually lasting three months or more, the results are immediate. With holiday plans in full swing, thanks to restrictions easing, now is a great time to don a new face for the festive season.
  1. Before, after, and during the procedure, professional advice and consultation are an integral part of TM Medical Aesthetics HIFU treatment, just as it is for any of the services offered.
  1. Targeting your special needs, on-site analysis assures that the treatment you receive will be tailor-made for your particular needs and desires. No two faces are alike, and yours is very special. The HIFU treatment keys in on that dynamic customising the procedure for you.
  1. Penetrating deep into the subcutaneous skin layer, HIFU targets the areas that most need attention. Because it works only on fat cells, HIFU does not burn or affect healthy layers of the skin in any way. Many parts of your body can benefit from HIFU treatments – not only your face.
  1. Specially mindful of sagging skin and double chins, the HIFU practitioners can design treatments to target those areas fast and effectively. The heat energy released by HIFU helps the skin to tighten and regenerate. You can do it over a lunch break!
  1. Using a relatively small hand-held device, the experts administer HIFU without the intimidating presence of large, noisy machines. Quietly and smoothly, the device caresses your skin as it performs its highly technical assignment – making you feel and look fresher and renewed!
  1. Look around. You’ll find the competitive pricing of TM Medical Aesthetics is a further incentive to have the HIFU experience when you consider the quality of care – before, during, and after your visit. Book an appointment online or chat for free as a preliminary step on the HIFU journey.

You can visit www.tmmedicalaesthetics.com for more information.

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