A Hint of the East. A Splash of Color. A Touch of Exotic Mystery. INDOLINDO!


Janiqueel had takes a look at a vibrant line of earrings and clutch bags from a home-grown entrepreneur.

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.

Jennifer Lopez

Asked to supply a mission statement for Indolindo founder Karishma Jhunjhunwala, gave janiqueel a succinctly cogent response: “To put a smile of confidence on any woman’s face, on a regular day, wearing our vibrant colour accessories.” Let’s unpack that statement, shall we?

Just a glance at the uniquely inspired design of IndoLindo jewelry give credence to her point. The earrings, especially, are vibrant and eye-catching. I have a couple of pairs of the tassel variety (so reasonably priced, one can easily afford a few colours to complement the outfit of the day). The first time I donned them and looked in the mirror, I thought of butterflies circling my lobes. They shimmer and flutter like betasseled jewels. I thought that the tassels might tickle my neck, but they don’t – too soft and supple. Some of the remarkable variety of models:

  • Wood Beaded
  • Thread Embroidery
  • Ancient Rose Gold
  • Hand Painted Dool
  • Square Dangles with Golden Embroidery

As unique is the other IndoLindo product line – Clutch sling Bags. They look like something you might pick up in Istanbul’s covered bazaar. Colourful, embroidered, puffily tactile they lend a bright air of the mysterious East. Combine them with a pair of IndoLindo earrings and head for an evening in the casbah.

The raw material of these flights of fashion fancy are sourced from India and Singapore. They are constructed, for the most part, here in SingTown.

As Karishma Jhunjhunwala says, “We hope to keep bringing fun to a daily life of women through our work, and spread love and happiness through colours.”

She is on the right track!

Want to get some? https://www.indolindo.com/

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