A letter to my coming baby – The letter you always wanted to write

Hello Baby,

Where should I start? Our first trimester was a rather interesting one. I was unaware of your existence most of it.

I have a long history of irregular menstrual cycle that is every 2 – 3 months. This may be due to several reasons like hormone imbalances, extreme exercise, stress, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid disorders. An irregular cycle can also make it more difficult to get pregnant.

With you, I did not have a single bout of morning sickness. I even thought I had put on weigh as my tummy was not as flat as before. I went into a hardcore workout mode for another 2 months. Exercise which was once a breeze became challenging and I was out of breathe – so were you. 

My mom and I found out about you at about 10 weeks when you were about the size of kumqat – a little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom. Looking back to the weeks I was unaware of your existence, I could have lost you at countless incidents. Ignorant mom-to-be. But HEY! You were unbelievably resilient in my belly baby.

Many friends and kind strangers guess you are a baby boy. I have a feeling you are a little boy too, call it mother’s instinct. If you are a girl, I will be equally pleased my little baby girl. There are still a few weeks until we meet. Taking care of you and teaching you how to take good care of yourself sound like the most fun and rewarding thing I could possibly do in my life.

Everyone is so excited for your arrival. I am spoilt with many maternity and nursing wear to breastfeed you with ease and comfort. We also did so many activities together like hiking in Hong Kong, catching concerts together, muay thai, boxing, photoshoots with you growing in my belly.

It is crazy how much you have grown in the final trimester and making me hungry every 1 – 2 hours. Sometimes you seem to forget that we have eaten 30 mins ago and has the audacity to kick me. You are a food monster and I love it. You were not so big at around 5 months and I got very worried when the ultrasound scans showed you had only 2 umbilical cord vessels instead of 3. After a detailed fetal anomaly ultrasound scan, it is safe to say your vital organs are developing well. Look how tough you are surviving on 2 cord vessels! 

I can’t wait to meet you, my unexpected blessing.

Love you already,


Our journey together in a nutshell

Did #HIIT which focused a lot on lower body. Lunges, squats, mountain climbers. Loved it! 💪😊 #stayfit

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You know that feeling you get when you’re at a club and you hear the first few beats of your favorite song? You grab a hand and yell, “We HAVE to #dance to this!” 🎤🎶🎧 Then you dance, because you are #alive and #happy, and for three minutes, nothing else matters. Now what if a #pregnant woman strut her way onto the dance floor next to you? What would you think? Last week, I was that pregnant woman. I had no idea what to expect. I assumed all necessary precautions. I wore flats, not five-inch heels. 👡👠 All venues were smoke-free. I sang, I danced, and I sat when I needed to sit. I drank water throughout the night. I avoided drunken mobs. No one outwardly condemned me even when I saddled up to the bar to order a drink (for my friend). Instead, I was complimented a few times on what a good sport I was. Being the token oddity, I even had people approach me to dance, all in good fun! What a great head bobbing, feet shuffling, hip shaking weekend. 😁 #girlsnightout #22weekspregnant #omgitsababybump @1altitudesg

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#6months #pregnant and still #dancing #ceroc. 🙌 No complicated footwork, fun and easy to learn. Loving the #bodywave. If a #preggo can do it, anybody can. 😉

Psst! Classes happen every Tuesday 7:30pm at Blu Jaz Cafe. For more info, link on bio. 😘

#keepfit #momtobe #cantstopdancing Ceroc Ceroc Dance Ceroc Singapore

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I have been punching and kicking way before #pregnancy. 👊 So it’s safe to continue with necessary moderation as I grow bigger. During the first trimester, I was unaware I was expecting (plus I had no #morningsickness). I arranged a session with my personal trainer after a month of being away and I told him I felt #fat. Well.. I should have known better not to. 😆 #Strengthening and #conditioning were gruelling for a few weeks. The day I told him I was expecting, his jaw dropped and kept apologising to my unborn child. Ever since then, he would bring nutritional snacks for me during our session. #rofl #feelingthelove 💓 #maybeseekingforgiveness 😂

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Happy 2017! 🙌 #26weekspregnant #throwback #momtobe #bikini #beach #beachbum #happynewyear #babybump #bringon2017

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Grooving at @oasispoolparty. 😂

#poolparty #29weekspregnant #nomondayblues #keepcool @hoteljenog @nir_infamous Oasis Pool Party Oasis Urban Pool Party Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

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#highonlife. A coming #newlife! 😍 @oasispoolparty @hoteljenog #lasttrimester #momtobe

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A happy dance for beating my personal best – 60 seconds handstand at #8monthspregnant. The #babybump would never know he/she was upside down.

#lasttrimester #shakeit #momtobe #fitpregnancy

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The baby seems to have very good taste in music. Kept kicking me throughout the #concert. I guess you’re dancing to the music just like me. 😍😘 #30weekspregnant #lasttrimester

Bryan Adams Summer of ’69. #asisboxoffice #getuptour

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Pregnancy is beautiful up on www.janiqueel.com

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Pregnancy is beautiful up on https://www.janiqueel.com/?p=3141

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Pregnancy is beautiful up on https://www.janiqueel.com/?p=3141

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