A Pub Quiz without the Pub? CAN BE DONE!

Ready for a GOOD NEWS QUIZ?

  • With safe distancing guidelines enforced, will wedding receptions soon be allowed with greater numbers of participants?
  • Safe-distancing in place, will cinema halls with 30 seats will soon be allowed to have 150 viewers?
  • Have religious services with up to 100 participants been piloted?
  • Adjusted to six years old, has the legal cut-off age for children required to wear mask been raised?
  • Will business executives soon be able to take air travel within guidelines?
  • Will more people will be allowed to their workplaces, subject to capacity limits?

Answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Feel that? It’s a tine breath of fresh air breezing off the Straits into Singapore.

  • So we can have live pub quizzes again, right?

Answer: NOPE. Sadly, NOPE.

We aren’t there yet. But, let’s not worry. Our collective determination will prevail just as General Douglas MacArthur’s’ did on Corregidor in 1942 when he declared, “I shall return!”. (There are three or four FREE history-based answers for you.)

Alas, the size of pub gatherings is still restricted. That’s too bad, but, like many of Singapore’s COVID restrictions, IT IS FOR THE BEST. And this, too, shall pass. Local pubs and organizations that previously hosted team quiz games are breathlessly waiting to host again.

  • Molly Malone’s
  • Brewerkz
  • The Intermission Bar at The Projector
  • The Lazy Lizard
  • The Dunken Poet
  • Prout
  • Penny Black
  • Hans im Glück

Until life, as we know it returns, however, be glad to know there are alternatives. Zoom provides a good platform to bond with friends and to meet strangers. Build your own quiz, invite like-minded competitors, open a beer and have a snack in the safety of your own domicile. Too much trouble? Then join a ready-made online contest.

Pandemically online, the well-established quiz, Fight Minds, has gone virtual. the result is a building/networking experience that is alike, yet different, than in-person. Fight Minds. Not better. Not worse. Just different in ways that bring friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers together in meaningful ways.

While the rest of the world tries to figure out just the hell is happening, Fight Minds contestants are trying to figure out important questions like – “Who sang ‘Waiting on a Friend’? OR “What team was the first to repeat as World Cup winners? OR What does the hyphen in Rolls-Royce signify?” Who landed in Singapore with Stamford Raffles?

Arguably the most tumultuous year in our collective lifetimes, 2020 will soon enter its last quarter. Given what we have all been through so far, we can only guess what else is in store. Let’s not worry too much about what’s ahead. After all, if we have learned nothing else this year, we have found that there is little we can do about the cosmic changes in the air. So take a deep breath and have some fun!

Imagine a quiz game setting for company morale-boosting or special nights built around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Halloween? Oh, it’s just made for a quiz night. Can you see yourself on ZOOM with friends and associates trying to answer tricky questions while dressed in foolish outfits? Specially themed team names? For sure! Start thinking now.

Teams of five or less can gather wherever and participate. OK, it’s not the same as being part of a rowdy crowd in your favourite watering hole, but it’s a pretty good alternative.

These days we are fun-hungry. Quiz nights are a feast.

Written by JKJ

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