A Truly Affordable Luxury Jewellery Brand LARA & ELA 

Janiqueel has a peek at uniquely stylish flattering creations

Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above is why you should wear jewellery.

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With a bold vision of how boldly designed and created body enhancements boldly go where jewellery has not gone before. The 18-carat gold plating of each piece ensures that it sparkles and entices for a long, long time. And the designs – modern, quirky, sinuous, vibrant, alive, distinctive. They speak of confidence and assuredness. They echo the modern woman who is striding on her way to the next encounter. Grounded in sustainability with an artisanal vibe, the Lara & Ela brand is intent on making its unique impact on the jewellery scene in Singapore and internationally.

Using “100% recycled gold, 100% recycled brass, 100% recycled silver, no plastics, resins or enamels; limited quantities per design” Lara & Ela put their commitment to sustainability right up front. What it means to consumers, like me, is that we can wear these beautiful creations assured that they have been produced fairly and in a manner that is kind to the planet.

Founder of Lara and Ela, Linda Mah Turkmen, told Janiqueel, “We are a sustainable brand. We only use real recycled gold, real recycled silver, and real recycled brass. We don’t mine for new gold and silver. We don’t use any plastics, resins or enamels in our production.” High-quality materials such as 18k yellow gold, brass, grade 5A zircons, and surgical grade titanium (for earring posts) are manipulated by veteran craftspeople.

That craft is made real in creations like:

  • DESTINY G NECKLACE – Like paper clips joined together, the chain is distinctively daring and showy. Dangling from the centre is a small medallion awaiting YOUR special message.
  • WHITNEY G BANGLE – Very slim and, for sure, elegant this classy bangle has a knot at its centre. You’ll see that knot in other of Lara & Ela’s pieces catalogue.
  • BRANDY G EARRINGS – in contrast to the Whitney G Bangle, these are squarish and boldly sinuous. 

To sustain your jewellery, Lara & Ela advises that you store your pieces in a cool, dry place. Watch out for strong chemicals sometimes found in cleaning products and paints. With a clean, soft cloth, on a regular basis, it can be a pleasure to softly massage each surface. As much fun as it may be to wear your Lara & Ela sparkler while playing sports, energetically dancing, or skydiving, it’s a really good idea to leave it off and enjoy it when your heartbeat rests. Don’t worry you will sparkle again.

Have a look at Lara & Ela. You’ll see beautiful, original creations with an ethical heritage. Imagine yourself wearing them. Nice, right?

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  1. Impressed by Lara & Ela’s commitment to sustainability, especially their use of 100% recycled materials and avoidance of harmful substances. The Destiny G Necklace, Whitney G Bangle, and Brandy G Earrings showcase their elegant yet bold craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing this environmentally conscious brand with us.

    Rehan Butt

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