Janiqueel loves. She loves to dine, to drink, to travel, to primp, to rave, and to revel. She celebrates her life and believes in loving without boundaries, polyamorously. This philosophy informs her stylish lifestyle blog – janiqueel.com. Here, she highlights new products and services in Singapore and beyond through bouncy writing and vibrant graphics. Her premier subject, model, charmer, and squeeze is her toddling son known affectionately to readers as “Mr. C”.

Janiqueel featured on:

9 December 2020 : Channel News Asia

4 December 2020 : Rice Media

23 July 2020 : Bare All with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

21 May 2020 : Just Say Only Podcast Diving into Poly Love 2.0

14 May 2020 : Just Say Only Podcast Diving into Poly Love

10 May 2020 : Well, Magazine

2 December 2019 : The Table

17 September 2019: AsiaOne

Nudity, for me, should not always be sexualized but simply a state of being. Thanks for the feature AsiaOne!

Posted by Janiqueel on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

8 March 2019 : Singapore Motherhood

February 2019 : {Un}hibited Asia model

28 August 2018 : Nas Daily

25 September 2017: Sassy Mama

26 March 2017 : Straits Times

19 March 2017 : Liv3ly

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Pillars of Well-Being at the Westin Langkawi

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A Falcon Soars. A Balloon Floats. A Morning in Arabian Desert Dubai.

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From the Edge of Beyond, a Unique Lingerie Collection that Sings and Dances

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