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Janiqueel first looks at an eco-conscious company interested in saving the planet while providing high-quality products for eco-consumers like YOU.

“Buy less, choose well, and make it last.”

– Vivienne Westwood

Committed to Sustainability

Committed to doing business in a manner exemplified by its name, ECOFRENLI shows that personal products can be fun, practical, beautiful, and effective, all while being designed with environmentalism at heart. ECOFRENLI, a female-led “impact” start-up, works to bring the message of sustaining our beautiful planet. In Indonesia, trees work to absorb carbon dioxide, refreshing the air we breathe. Ten trees in the rainforest absorb 480 pounds of CO2. When you shop with ECOFRENLI, partners plant ten trees, contributing to this vital work of refreshing the forest. Replacing petroleum-based (PET) products, especially containers, is another innovative concept adding to the steady stream of environmentally-friendly remedies for global warming. To see how ECOFRENLI achieves its goal of sustainability and good global sense, let’s look at some of the products and services that make ECOFRENLI a go-to source for earth-friendly solutions.

Grow Your Eco-Conscious Company with ECOFRENLI

Are you hoping to grow an eco-conscious company yourself? ECOFRENLI is there for you. Focusing your appeal on much-wanted, hard-to-find products (e.g., sustainably manufactured clothing and wooden utensils) will give your start-up an edge when appealing to clients who accept the reality of climate change and want to act to thwart its devastating effects. Working with a global community of female entrepreneurs and local artisans, ECOFRENLI uses its wide contact network to order handmade creations directly, reducing the snarls in the supply chain cycle. Client-based with, as always, an eye to the environment, that’s the dynamic of ECOFRENLI.

A Sampling of ECOFRENLI Products

But enough information – let’s look at a sampling of the products:

Elegantly Crafted Wooden Utensils

Elegantly crafted wooden utensils add natural beauty to the kitchen and provide the best tools to complement your delicious concoctions:

  • “I’m Handmade” Solid Teak Wood Reversible Cutting Board – So beautifully crafted in various teak shades, this board is restaurant-quality and made of the hardest wood – teak (much harder than bamboo) and food-grade vegan coated for years-long service. Whatever composes your charcuterie, it will look the best atop a solid teak cutting/serving board.
  • “I’m Handmade” Household Brushes – Handsomely packaged in a set of three, these brushes are handmade in central Java by Indigenous artisans and are tough enough to tackle most household tasks. In natural colors, made from upscaled bamboo, and 100% compostable, the brushes exemplify ECOFRENLI’s mission.
  • “I’m Handmade” Solid Mahogany Wooden Dishes – Finished with polyurethane for long life and easy cleaning, these bowls provide a naturally elegant and conversation-sparking complement to casual entertaining. They are dishwasher and microwave-safe. Peanuts? Popcorn? Chips?
  • “I’m Handmade” Food Grade Wood Lunchbox – Colleagues, fellow students, and loved ones will gush over this simple but uniquely attractive bento box made of teak. Microwave-safe and using no heavy metals in manufacturing, the boxes are fit for everyday use for a long, long time.
  • Home Eco Gift – For anyone with a kitchen or bathroom that needs a natural wooden cleaner with bamboo bristles made in Java, this is a great sampler set. Containing an all-purpose brush, three woven produce bags for plastic-free fruit and vegetable shopping, a long, thin bottle brush cleaner, and a wooden toilet cleaner brush on a wooden stand to help free your bathroom from omnipresent plastic tools.

Eco-Friendly Clothing

  • “Sleeping Culture” Linen Jumpsuit for Women – Yes, ECOFRENLI does clothing as well. This tropical-weight linen is colored with plant-based dyes (mustard, chocolate, or ash-blue) and comes in three sizes. Perfect for around the house or a sporty day or night out, you’ll love the weightless feel of this jumpsuit and the elegant way it falls and waves to highlight and complement your body.

Additional Offerings

We’re just getting started. Also on offer are the Commute Leather Brief, a Triangle Party Purse, Tencel Bamboo High-Performance Outdoor Socks, a “Sleeping Culture” robe for Women, and more.

Happy Eco-Shopping with ECOFRENLI!

By choosing ECOFRENLI, you’re not only getting high-quality, beautiful products but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious world. Join the movement, support female entrepreneurs, and make a positive impact on the planet with every purchase.

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