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It’s a brave new world out in the metaverse

StepVR is Here to Help You Navigate

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“Be Pioneer” instructs the StepVR site. With the tools to help you step into the metaverse, and maintain your balance on your metaphorical thousand-mile journey. Gamers, developers, and influencers are gathering in the meta. StepVR is the first portal-based entertainment channel to combine diverse elements of the ‘verse. Importantly, as well – it is the first channel to MAKE IT WORK.

One phrase: “self-developed omnidirectional motion system” might convey the message that StepVR is on the thin, cutting edge of technology. “Virtual Reality” “Metaverse”? CEO of StepVR, Guo Cheng, believes that both terms cover the same concept and he accepts both. “Metaverse”, IMHO is more trendy, sexy, catchy, and cute. Janiqueel use it.

Key to the metaverse’s library of portals is the VR headset. Dr Guo makes no apologies for the universal device. Their device has zero motion sickness or just minimal according to many users. Due to many factors: 1) light headset, computing load distributed to the body suit and 2)the vision is moving as fast as the body is on the treadmill. Usually people get motion sickness cos our vision is moving but our body has no space to move and clunky headset.

stepvr metaverse
Hanging out with Eva Oh

Until then, though, MetaVR, with Dr Guo’s encouragement, is highlighting a ‘true VR experience’ with limited reliance on outside devices. Museums, health recovery centres, e-sports portals, tourism, gyms, and community centres are some of the venues eyed by MetaVR as prime venues for easy-to-use, community-centred technology to connect users to each other and to the universe, no less.

For a short jaunt into the m-verse, have a look at the StepVR Official Instagram page. Here’s a sample of what you can explore:

  • See remote surgery in an ultra-realistic format. Might surgeons and patients be in different cities (or continents) soon?  
  • See what other ‘gramers consider their scariest thoughts and ideas.
  • Find a gateway to all things Mercedes, especially vintage racers.
  • Project yourself as a screen-sized avatar – the IMetaStar. You can be anyone you want. Imagine the possibilities.
  • Marvel at a headset that addresses the nausea issues by morphing into a full-body suit on an omnidirectional treadmill. Presto– your head and the rest of you move at the same time and speed. Sounds wild, but have a look. Imagine.
  • Delve deeply into the robotic universe. It’s new it’s now. It’s a whole new world. It’s complicated, deep, and deeply enticing. It may change you.
  • There are more  – many, many more, believe me.

Serendipity. One of the sub-sites on the StepVR official Instagram page was a pic of “Six Things Mentally Strong People Do” Sage advice for the meta traveller:

  1. Move on
  2. Embrace change
  3. Stay happy
  4. Be kind
  5. Take calculated risks
  6. Celebrate others’ successes,

Travel brave. Travel Happy.

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