Amazing Time to Dine at the Auor Hong Kong

Find Asian tastes with French Style 

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is that we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

Luciano Pavarotti

Pronounced “hour”, AUOR promises an “original approach to dining” on Gloucester Road.  Designed in tones of brown, deep blue, and beige, the dining area is softly lit and fosters an ambiance of peace and quiet amid the bustling environs of Hong Kong. Walk in. You might need five seconds to make the transition to a new atmosphere. And to a new cuisine softly blending Asian and international tastes. Transitional cuisine is at its most creative.

Justifiably well-regarded, Auor’s “The Six Rounds” is a soon-to-be legendary representation of the cuisine. Have a peek at a sample menu:

  • Awakening – Hamachi, ikura, Thai sauce
  • Rain – Mud crab au gratin, sarawak black pepper
  • Colours – Blue lobster, choi sum, Fujian sauce
  • Diversity – Lamb ‘mala’, tamarind garlic, cordyceps, Madeira or Wagyu ‘satay’
  • Soul – Abalone, Cantonese bouilon, buckwheat noodle
  • Memory – ‘Yuenyeung’

That’s a sample. As you may have guessed there is an array of dishes from which to choose, as well as add-ons which, once again, should not be ignored – nota bene. 

Stylish, elegant, and understated, the restaurant, like the menu, is very quietly dramatic. 

Chef Edward Voon from his roots in – Singapore to private dining rooms in many far-flung locales, and now? HONG KONG on Gloucester Road! In each place, he learned and cooked bringing the internationality of his experience along with. He has used his time well. Now his time is your time as you and your friends move through the hours of the menu beyond the barrier of time. Only after remembering the experience does it become clear that all the subtlety and muted elegance added up to something – oh, so quietly – French, Asian, and uniquely special. 

CHERISH HO is “…an exceptional wine professional”, and is responsible for pairing wines with the multifarious tastes that are an integral part of the menu – of the experience.

The minutes we spend together melt into golden hours as you board a French train laden with Asian memories for a gastronomic adventure through the circle of time.

Chef Edward Voon

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10 thoughts on “Amazing Time to Dine at the Auor Hong Kong

  1. Oh its sounds amazing gastronomic indulgence in a French train laden with Asian flavours of soulful culinary inspirations/deliciousness

  2. Wonderful üics 👍🙏😜
    Amazing food 👏👏👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Wonderful Janiqueel ❤🥰⚘

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