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A society that excels in fostering a Spirit of Community, based on the sheer love of the Art of Time … Luoxo has become a fundamental part of my expanding and deepening knowledge of their intricate & marvellous universe …

Kamal Daswani

In her compact and masterful non-fiction book, Longitude, Dava Sobel charts the quest of John Harrison to solve a scientific conundrum, how to keep time at sea – a thorny problem in the eighteenth century. With the wondrous watch he built, Harrison was finally able to chart the longitudinal position of a ship at sea. You can see and hear this wondrous watch – still ticking, of course, in the Greenwich museum. Today you can purchase a timepiece that can accomplish the tasks, if not the art, of Harrison’s elegant design for a few Sing. dollars. 

The point here is the beauty of the thing. In Hong Kong, there is a club that appreciates the sentiment – LUOXO. It’s a club for those from any walk of life who want to share their horological interests in a setting boasting a dedicated members’ lounge where you can sit back and let time roll by – while keeping close track of it, of course. 

After having a look at LUOXO, you might be ready for a course in watchmaking! Here are some ideas from Luoxo:

Intriguing, no? 

LUOXO Get-Togethers are becoming must-visit occasions for meeting and greeting like-minded temporalists. Open to members and non-members, they offer an opportunity to chin-wag, elbow rub and compare the latest about – guess what? In a setting perfect for this wagging, rubbing, and comparing, the Rooftop Lounge is a retreat from the day-to-day. “Anyone got the time?” I dare you to shout. 

Once established in Wong Chuk Hang, LUOXO, under the direction of Thierry Dubois, the club has found a niche – a swank club for members and their guests with, of course, watches at the axis of interest. 

By the way, should you wish to delve into the world of High-Frequency Movements, there is an article that you must read. It’s fascinating even if you haven’t given HF a thought. “High-Frequency Movements – Part I” will show you the world of ultra-precise timekeepers. No kidding – it is riveting reading, trust me.

At the very end of the LUOXO article about Thierry Dubois, is the intriguing hint that Dubois wants to open branches in Japan, Singapore, and – ready for this? – SINGAPORE. 

Watch (pun intended) this space.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. 

Albert Einstein

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