An Afternoon for Mothers at Botany on the Quay

Anticipating Mothers day, Janiqueel and Mr. C find a delightful new venue on Robertson Quay

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

I know Robertson Quay is smack-dab in the center of the middle of the core of Singapore. Nevertheless, I find it a place apart. The river gives the district a personality of its own within sight, but beyond the psychological reach, of the hyper-busy Garden City. It was into this place apart that Mr. C (the Official Child of Janiqueel, don’t you know) and I teamed up on a sunny Saturday for tea time at the newly-opened Botany café on the quay.  

Mopo Tofu Bowl

With six other mommies, we sat on the lawn and had a taste test of the Botany offerings. Manager and Partner in Botany, Cassandra Riene Tan, took time from her busy duties to welcome us and highlight the vibe that is Botany. Seated on lightly practical furniture, it was hard not to be beguiled by the ambiance that Cassandra and her founder-colleagues had envisaged and established on Robertson Quay.

One other child of six joined her mother which left Mr. C more or less alone as the nexus of attraction. Other mothers, help staff, passersby, all yearned to give the lad a cuddle or a carry. He was happy to oblige giving arms other than his mom’s a test drive. When not being carried, Mr. C was happy to range the lawn testing chairs, kicking papers, sipping his water, gambolling through the greenery, and grinning his trademark grin. The premise of our get-together was a lead up to Mothers’ Day. These mothers and children couldn’t have presented a more appropriate tableau.

Pan-Seared Barramundi

Of course, we sampled the fusion-based food. Salads, unique concept mains, and light desserts fit right into the Mediterranean ambience.

Sometimes in the midst of an experience one is not always attuned to the sensory details. Looking back, though, as I did in the days after our Botany lunch, I recalled the lawn by the river, passersby strolling, plates and cutlery jingling, food aromas wafting, taste buds tingling and I thought that, in its own ephemeral way, this had been a gem of an afternoon – small and perfect.

#01-03, 86 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238235

Otah Chips

With writing, research help, and memories of his mother from JKJ.

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