Aquarii Swimwear - A Mediterranean Lucky Star 

Janiqueel has a look at and a feel of swimwear born and inspired by the Mediterranean Coast of Spain

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.


Like a lucky star reflected in Mediterranean waters, the swimwear of Aquarii shimmers and moves sinuously with the ripples and waves. Why the exotic, extraterrestrial name? Founder Anise Mills offers:

Aquarii is a small, lucky star that can be seen from the South of the UK which is where I have a house. I also love the fact it has Aqua in there as the sea and the Mediterranean were big influences when I set my brand up. When something feels that right, it is! So Aquarii it was!

“Handcrafted in Spain designed in Britain”, the swimwear is wholly a product of Spain. The fabrics from which it is made are soft and flowing. The word, “luxe” sprang up when researching the Aquarii brand. We asked Ms. Mills for n explanation:

I handpick the fabric from the supplier in Barcelona, which means I spend hours going through hundreds of samples. I’m looking for fabric that not only feels good quality but at the color and print (in my opinion) that sets it apart from a lot of the mass-produced swimwear brands. That could be the texture or print or how I imagine set I can integrate it into my designs. So when you’re purchasing an Aquarii piece of swimwear, it will have the feel of luxury in terms of fabric and design but be as affordable as I can possibly make it. 

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia’s affair with water comes to a sad end. My eponymous Ophelia bikini, on the other hand, knows no sadness. It is built for joy and fun and splashing. I fell for the full bikini. Its turquoise tone mimics the colors of the sea. The iridescent fabric from Barcelona is just the right choice. It shimmers and changes tone as I shimmer and change tone under the Mediterranean sky. I’m dreaming now. Dreaming in colors borrowed from the sea.

With a “more flexible fit” the Anais set feels great on the beach. It feels like I’m wearing nothing. “Bikini briefs offer minimal coverage with side ties for an adjustable and flattering fit.” Tell me I’m dreaming again, but I feel the flatter. I feel good in this suit. I fell like I want to wash in the Mediterranean and touch the Spanish sun with my skin. Did I mention, it feels like I’m wearing nothing?

“Each collection is inspired by my time [in Spain] and that should come through in my designs and fabrics I choose. When you wear Aquarii, I hope you will feel that influence coming through.”

I do, Anise. I do!

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