Ariston Andris Series

Worldwide leading thermic comfort company with 1.33B revenue – Ariston launches first-ever water heater by top Italian designer in Singapore
  • Global brand Ariston now serves local customers directly
  • High-quality Italian-designed water heaters available at affordable prices


SINGAPORE, 26 Sep 2014 – Ariston Thermo (Ariston) is the industry’s leading purveyor of heating and water heating solutions. The global company has sold 7.2 million products in over 150 countries, achieving €1.33 billion in revenue[1]. After 20 years in Singapore, it has set up its very own team this year to oversee the full gamut of marketing, distribution and after-sales service. Being able to service Singaporeans directly allows the teams to deliver on their promise of quality and superior customer service and to bring relevant products to the Singapore market at a faster speed.

Ariston is starting out on the right foot – according to a recent local market survey, over 90% of Singaporeans regard safety, energy efficiency and design as the most important factors when choosing a water heater. Ariston’s latest range – the Andris series of water heaters – fulfills these criteria and more – with its stylish, first-ever top-Italian-designed water heater.  
The centerpiece of a bathroom
For the first time, the Andris series is designed by top Italian designer Umberto Palermo. He lends his flair for top automobile designs to create a series of water heaters that are intuitive and aesthetically stunning. The curved edges evoke a sense of familial trust. More than just a water-heating product, the Andris series are termed as “water furniture”, and are accessories that can complement modern, beautifully designed toilets.
Safety is a guarantee
On top of looking aesthetically superior, Ariston prides itself on the Total Safety System (TSS) – guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. The water heaters has been certified by the most safety organisations in the world, with the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and SS (Singapore Standards). The TTS comprises three salient features:
  1. Thermostat: The water heaters’ thermostats are a first-level safety feature, and stops the heating when the desired temperature is reached 
  2. Thermal cut-out: This is a second-level safety feature. In case of over-heating, there is a protection sensor to incorporate a thermal cut-out to disconnect poles to the appliance
  3. Pressure relief valve: The pressure relief valves of Ariston’s water heaters are regulated to reduce the pressure being built up in the tank. Water pressure is then reduced and this greatly prevents any unexpected failures of the water heater.
Helping users go green and save on energy costs – including the Andris series
Energy efficiency is identified as Ariston’s long-term strategy for sustainability and growth[2]. In 2013, 40% of its business comes from high-efficiency and renewable solutions, and the goal is to reach 80% by 2020. Ariston has pledged a commitment to launch products that use energy from renewable sources, avoid waste and reduce CO2 emissions, and developing innovative high-efficiency solutions ensuring high performance and maximum comfort while minimizing consumption.
The Andris series is Ariston’s range of water heaters designed to be already compliant with future energy efficiency regulations.
The water heaters under the Andris series come with titanium enamel tank protection, a feature exclusive to Ariston. Titanium further enhances the durability of the inner tank and helps users to save energy. Another notable feature is the durable copper heating element: copper is a recyclable material that promises better durability than stainless steel, and has also more hygienic water output with its antimicrobial effect.[3]
Andris’ flagship model – First water heater to be equipped with AG+ technology
A star of the Andris Series – the flagship AN LUX model will be a game-changing product. It boasts the revolutionary AG+ technology, the first-of-its-kind in a water heater in Singapore. Active AG+ ions are released into the water tank. These nanoparticles halt the proliferation of common bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, legionella, mould fungi and more. In turn, users are assured of its anti-bacterial properties and enjoy clean water as they shower.
Equipped with a titanium, double wall sentinel heating element imported from Italy, this class is above the rest – the insulation goes beyond ensuring extra safety and durability for the users, to enhancing energy saving properties as well. As Ariston continues to further its understanding of consumers’ needs and design solutions to meet them, Leonardo Senni, Chief Executive Officer, Ariston Thermo, shares the same thought: “We are very excited to have our very own team in Singapore after 20 years of commercial presence. Launching the Andris series is the first step towards bringing greater quality products to Singaporeans; we will continue to strive to ensure our products are innovative, customer service is excellent, while further investing in our brands to entrench our commitment here in Singapore.“

[1] Refer to Appendices 1 to 5 for Ariston Thermo Group company information
[2] Refer to Appendix 6 for Ariston’s Energy Efficiency commitment
[3] Refer to Appendix 7A & 7B for Andris series – specifications, prices, details and pictures. Also refer to Appendix 8 for Ariston’s range of instant water heaters on display at the media launch. Please refer to for full range of Ariston’s water heaters in Singapore. 

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