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We are people who love the active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you hit the gym or running track, play a sport or practice yoga. Exercising and keeping fit is a habit we refuse to kick.

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The Right Time – Any time is a good time to take a break from cooking and have good quality food delivered to your door. But these are Covid-19 days. Our lives are different than they were so long ago in 2019. Ordering in is less of a luxury and more of a necessity these days of social separation, closed restaurants, empty bars, claustrophobia, and the yearning to enjoy something different and healthy on the old dinner plate. Yummy Bros are taking care of business.

Discount will not apply to our partner products. i.e. BE Protein Smoothies and Bootstrap Cold Brew Beverages.

The Right Place – Your doorstep, My Friend. Delivery happens Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. One can plan and order up to 30 days in advance of delivery, however. Pop the meals in the microwave, zap ‘em and enjoy high-protein, low-calorie food when you wish. No muss; no fuss. Made for active lifestyles trapped in sedentary times.  Lo-calorie meals are an option. You can design your own based on energy needs and desired physical outcomes.

Provided on the Yummy website is a “Macro Calculator” to help determine your energy requirements based on “BMR (daily energy expenditure without exercise) & DEE (Daily Energy Expenditure with exercise)”. The calculator provides the raw information go help decide what food is best for those who want to lose weight, gain strength, or maintain a fitness level. Drop-down windows show Mains, Carbs, and Veggies. Choose one (or more) of each and you’re ready to order. Already reasonably prices, delivery cost go down on larger orders. Freshly-frozen food can go straight into the fridge for up to a week or indefinitely in the freezer. Oh, so easy – and GOOD, Bro!

Worth noting – the “the fresh containers we use to store our customers’ food are 100% virgin PP food grade, BPA free and CFC-free meal boxes that comply with US FDA and European standards. This means that they are microwave safe.” Sure, they can be thoroughly washed and reused. As I said, these are the Covid-19 days. considerations, like container safety and usage, that we may not have given a thought to weeks ago are now important in determining our choice delivered-in choices. Every new Yummy Bros customer receives a meal care instruction sheet.

Call it “dieting” or simply health-conscious meal choice, we might all be a bit more aware of what we are eating and how much we are exercising these crazy days. Crazy days that may have knocked us off of our regular routines. Maybe for the better, who knows? For now, though, a healthy, delicious, convenient way to greet the world that has forever changed is to have a tasty, wholesome meal designed and prepared right here in the Garden City. Right there at your fingertips – YUMMY BROS.

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