Aumnie Paris Collection

Janiqueel discovers that Aumnie fitness clothes are perfect for exercise. They INSPIRE movement.

I was sad. Then I ordered some gym clothes online. I’m OK now.

I woke up. It was 2020. The first thing that I thought of was exercise! My bum knee was feeling pretty darn good after several months of recuperation from a slipped patella encountered while dancing on a cruise. Long story. To make it short, I’m feeling much better. I’m feeling good! 2020 here I come! It’s spring (almost). It’s Paris (in my heart). I’m ready (to find peace and youth)

If you want to reap the pleasures of gym clothes online, you need to look no further than

Presto! Just like that – you’re in Paris and it’s spring and you find the world, as T.S. Eliot has it, “…to be wonderful and youthful after all.”

OK, Let’s get serious about finding the perfect clothes for exercise. Here’s what Janiqueel will be sporting to the gym this season:

  • Adjustment bra – Mocha – I love the strappiness of the back. Of course, that’s where the “adjustment” comes in. the bran is designed to fit just about anyone. With logo straps and metal ringlets, this bra is functional and totally cool. I’ll be the envy of my gym-mates. I could even wear it outside the gym on a sunny day enjoying a refreshing liquid after a hard workout. The bra is also available in ‘Lake – dark blue – for mixing and matching with…
  • Logo Pants – Maple – These pants are all about Aumnie with loge stripes going up each leg. I think the maple will complement my mocha bra, but there is room for colour diversity. The pants (sans the logo stripe) also come in grey, midnight grey, rose, and sage. In any colour, they make the bum look good. Of course, that’s not why I choose them. Is it? 
  • Loose Cut Off Tank With Slits – in heather grey, this long shirt can be worn over a bra or tee for a casual day out on the town or après exercise. It’s loose fit swings and sways as you wear it. It even catches the spring breeze, to sometimes, reveal a flash of skin atop the high-waisted pants and below the bra. Just a hint…
  • Layer Jacket – this will feel great before or after a workout, even in Singapore where spring can be chilly – at least in sometimes overly air-conditioned gyms. With a high collar and full zip (with chin protector – how thoughtful!), the jacket layers under the tulip-shaped panel that subtlely whispers style. I like the looks of the mist and sea salt combination, but it also comes in a dramatic lake and black. The choice is yours. Or mine.
  • Love Bra –  How can I resist this? The love comes in the back with a heart-shaped cutout between the shoulder blades. Wear love to the gym or the beach, or the bar.

I’m just getting started. There are so many designs and colors to choose from at Aumnie that just shopping online is a treat.

I shall fulfil my New Year’ resolution with elan and verve!

Yet with these April sunsets, that somehow recall

My buried life, and Paris in the spring,

I feel immeasurably at peace, and find the world

To be wonderful and youthful after all.

T.S. Eliot

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