AWARE Hope in the Dark

We all know someone who has experienced sexual violence – or we are that someone. Every week in Singapore, new incidents of sexual assault, workplace harassment or voyeurism are reported. This is sad, disturbing, and frustrating. Yet we are not helpless. 

AWARE needs your help to be a lifeline to the vulnerable women in our community. This year, they are redoubling their efforts to tackle sexual violence. They address the issue on many fronts-both attending to assault’s aftermath, and proactively nipping it in the bud-because that’s what it will take to effectively end it. 

Please join me in this fight and get closer to ending violence for good by donating generously to AWARE’s Hope in the Dark Fund at All donations will be matched 1:1 by the Tote Board and Government.

Your donation will help AWARE to:

  • Ensure our Sexual Assault Care Centre meets rising demand for its services and provide the many survivors coming forward with trauma-informed support
  • Expand our Birds & Bees parents’ sex education programme and Sexual Assault First Responder Training to empower members of the public to sensitively educate their children and support each other
  • Conduct important research into under-examined areas like tech-facilitated abuse

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