Bathing, Basking, Beering, and Belting in Bali

Janiqueel feels the vibe of Bali Indonesia at the Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Seminyak

And like tea dissolving in hot water, the sun dissolved in the sky… creating a velvet horizon, announcing for the stars’ night dance with the moon, the awaited joy…

From Bali – The Rebirth – Abeer Allan

Up the coast from Kuta and across the peninsula from Sanur is Seminyak, a world apart. I was whisked there in thirty minutes from arrivals in Denpasar airport. Compared to Sanur it’s a quiet area. Compared to Kuta it’s a REALLY quiet area. The Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Seminyak has found a respite from the usual tourist centers of southern Bali. The four-star resort has the usual amenities – spa, fitness center, lounge, pool, dining options, and meeting venues. All are done in style, the style is a blend of Bali and greater Indonesia. Think batik, frangipani, bougainvillea, incense, and lemongrass. Think tropical rest and relaxation in a world apart from wherever you’ve traveled. Ahhh…

Arriving in the late afternoon the oblique sun rays cast a burnished glow over the Indian Ocean. It was a perfect time to see my well-appointed poolside room, unpack my luggage, thump the bed, plump the pillows, grab a bottle of water, and leave. I was headed for the Above Rooftop Lounge and Bar. Best Brew craft beer on tap – just what I needed. The sun setting over the sea is a sight to be savored. I savored it. And had a bar snack while savoring. It’s that kind of memorable scene where I could stand at the railing, frosty drink in hand, and feel gratitude for whatever set of circumstances brought me to this glorious place on an April Thursday.

Leaving only when the sun had well and truly sank into the Western sea, I headed for the Divali restaurant and tucked into a spicy vegetable-y Indonesian curry. There’s plenty of choice in the resort for the hungry guest. The more adventurous can explore the surrounding rice field neighborhood or book a taxi to one of the nearby beaches. Me? Perfectly happy and comfortable in the quiet serenity of the Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Seminyak for my two-night stay, thank you very much.

I reveled in my lovely, batik-adorned room. Bathtub and rin shower are standard features of all rooms. I used both – can’t be too clean or comfortable, I declared. The room appointments, as well as the balinese-inspired decor of the the pool and common areas, really made me feel that I was having a taste of Bali and Indonesia.

On my last night there (sigh…) I headed once again for the Above bar where a saucy band was on stage. I listened, I tapped my foot, I sat politely until, unable to resist, I joined the band and belted out my own rendition of Versace on the Floor.

Seminyak? I’m going back!

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Sometimes I feel like the change in my lifestyle from me to mom was like trying to fit a square into a circle. “It’s all part of being a parent. You’re a mom now.” Well guess what? I don’t want to “just” be a mom. . Do I love being a mom? Of course I do, I just don’t always love the lifestyle of a #mom, and I’ve accepted that it’s okay to feel this way. It wasn’t until I stopped judging myself for the way that I felt that I was able to release the guilt I carried. Becoming a parent instantly changes your identity, whether you are prepared for it or not. You are no longer independent because your #life is instantly intertwined with someone who is completely dependent on you. Your decisions are constantly made with someone else in mind, and your #lifestyle shifts to accommodate this change. . The only way I’ve been able to stay sane through this adjustment is by always making #time for the things that still make me feel like me, no matter how small or how often. I’ve always believed that you should define yourself in terms that can withstand change. Defining yourself by possessions, roles or relationships creates attachment because losing these things entails losing not just what you have but also who you are. Some #women who define themselves only as being a mom struggle with who they are when they aren’t around their #kids or when their kids move out later on in life. Same goes for individuals who define themselves solely by their #marriage, career or materialistic things. A loss of job, an obstacle in their marriage or a loss of personal items leaves them questioning who they are and as a result their own #happiness is jeopardized. . Spend time #alone getting to know yourself entirely, and don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself as a #parent. By doing this, you won’t feel so detached from your life before kids. Remember your own passions and interests and accept what works for you regardless of what others think. And if you can find a #happy balance of time as a mom, time as a #wife, time as a #friend and time to simply be you, than heck, let me know your secret. . #bali, you were #amazing. ❤️

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