Best 30 Places to Visit in Malta

When times like these revaluate the way we see the rest of the world, I believe that things such as the best places, the best things, bucket lists, etcetera, have a new meaning that is worth really trying to have in hand to go for it!

Places and destinations have a new perspective and target! This can be also seen as a new way of how we approach every aspect of the world and our way to travel in it!

This time, our lens targets another destination for you to check out and consider for your next vacation or getaway, Malta it is! Let’s find out the list that we have made for you to look closely at such a delightful destination as Malta is!

1. MUZA:

A museum with a rich history for you to get to know this place from scratch! Houses a collection of fine art and history.

2. The Grand Harbour:

Faces the three cities! Malta’s most significant geographical asset. Cruise it on a ferry for a short trip or in an informative cruise for you to enjoy every aspect!

The Isle of MTV from Times of Malta

3. The Isle of MTV:

Held since 2007, a festival in Europe absolutely free of charge. Check out the various genres performing every year!

4. The Lascaris War Rooms:

These are underground tunnels or bunkers interesting to see for a history buff! A full day walking tour for an original trip.

5. The Hagar Qim Temples:

some of the most ancient religious sites on Earth! A megalithic temple complex with plenty to discover!

6. The Shipwreck of HMS Maori:

It was a destroyer serving for the United Kingdom Mediterranean Fleet and is now a popular dive site!

7. Marsaxlokk:

A traditional fishing village with colorful boats clutter the bay and the shore full of fresh fish restaurants.

From Malta Info Guide

8. The Tarxien Temples:

Visit these temples whose complex are separated but attached at the same time, especially popular and interesting to see for their stonework.

9. Fort St. Elmo:

It commands the space right at the top and tip of Valetta. It made its mark in history over the centuries. It serves now as Malta’s National War Museum.

10. Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum:

Found close to the seaside, the cave is named after a prehistorical phase!

11. Mnajdra:

Another megalithic temple that consists of three temples each built during a different time period and for different purposes.

12. The Silent City of Mdina:

Due to the limited car entry to this immaculate town, a peaceful atmosphere is what you will find in this pleasant place while you stroll in the streets.

Photo of Comino by Arvydas Venckus

13. Comino:

Go cave diving in these caves! Also dive and snorkel! You can also get the chance to feed some fish.

14. Golden Bay:

One of Malta’s best beaches where you can horse riding that will take you to a historic nature park.

15. Grandmaster’s Palace:

In the center of Valetta, today is the president’s official office. Worth to visit!

16. Gozo:

You will find temples, the city of Victoria, the red sanded Ramla Bay, and the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu.

17. Rotunda of Mosta:

A majestic neoclassical sight the most famous and largest temple in Malta. Beautiful architecture and old churches.

Photo of Popeye Village by Angelina and Antonis Antoniou

18. Popeye Village:

Rustic and ramshackle buildings which ios now a touristic and fun attraction for kids and young souls! Activities for the little ones and adults as well.

19. Dingli Cliffs:

You can see marvelous Malta from the highest point, and you can also take an adventure tour!

20. Ta’ Pinu Basilica:

One of the most popular sites to see in Malta! Also honored is the designation of a national shrine.

21. The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel:

A famous church for the Carmelites, had to be reconstructed and rebuilt due to the damage from World War 2.

22. The Upper Barrakka Gardens:

It offers the public landscaped grounds to stroll with the panoramic view of the Grand Harbour!

23. Dwejra Bay:

Soak in a natural pool and also a natural wonder! The view that surrounds the site is priceless.

24. St. John’s Co-Cathedral:

One of the most magnificent! With a jaw-dropping Baroque style, and home of Caravaggio painting.

25. Comino’s Blue Lagoon:

A large swimming pool with aquamarine colored sea and four square kilometers of car-free and virtually uninhabited.

26. The Manoel Theater and Museum:

One of the oldest working theaters in Europe! You can catch a variety of shows not to mention the stunning view you get in the theater’s decoration!

27. Cassa Rocca Piccola:

Another palace you can find! Today it operates as a museum, housing furniture art, and silver from Malta and its surroundings.

28. The Ggantija Temples:

A prime place to see on Malta’s Gozo Island! This megalithic complex temple was built using limestone. Open to the public as a heritage park.

29. Auberge De Castille:

Located at the highest point of Valetta overlooking the Grand Harbour! One of the finest works of architecture!

30. Three Cities of Cottonera:

You will be transported back in time, the inlets of these maritime towns have been used since Phenician times! Today is filled with swanky yachts and picturesque homes!

So, there they are. The options you have to make a trip more than special and unique, not to mention completely different. Places that can take you back in time where you can witness a piece of history, legend, art, and amazing landscapes. Different kinds of attractions are based on their path through life. A town or a city that borrows a beat of its heart and story.

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