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Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to ageing, are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs.

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With eleven shades to choose from, you are sure to find the closest to your natural colour. Finding the perfect shade is the first step of the COVERMARK routine. No worries – the rest is simple, easy and so effective that you will wish you had been using COVERMARK for years. 

Packaged in a slim stylish case containing a sponge applicator and moisturising cream, lightly fragrant Flawless Fit Foundation glides onto the face seemingly erasing discolouration, flaws, freckles and small pimples along the way. The silky veil will become your day-long shield against the cosmetic evils that lurk in the air, especially big-city air. Hydration is the key. It’s what makes the foundation glide on so smoothly and cover so completely. 

Called “The Lively Skin Veil” the flexible cosmetic coat nourishes your skin and multitasks to revive and refresh; it is composed of three layers.

  1. Skin Reflection – an oil-based moisturiser that reflects light smoothing out skin texture as it hydrates. Apply a cover powder if you like, the oil will prevent smudging and caking.
  2. Horny Layer Reproduction Powder – as if reflected through skin layers, this amalgam of three types of powder produces a complex reflective effect that softens the appearance and lets the natural colours breathe.
  3. Intercellular lipid-like ingredients – ceramide, phytosterol, and palmitic acid become a barrier protecting the outer skin layers. As moisture naturally evaporates from your skin, the intercellular ingredients use it to hydrate from beneath leaving the foundation unchanged. By the way, the ingredients are excellent for treating rough or excessively dry skin. 
Covermark Isetan Scotts

Designed to last all day, the smooth, even light coming from within is the result of the unique formulation. The instant it touches your skin, the Melting Matrix Formula liquifies allowing you to smooth it over your face and decolletage. Leaving an ultra-thin flexible layer that coheres for long-time use producing a soft, supple look with blemishes significantly reduced. 

AND – It’s easy to use. Blendable with makeup, with an all-in-one pleasantly scented design, the creamy liquid leaves a water/sweatproof layer to take you through your productive day flawlessly. 

So, what is a “Flawless Finish”? Most foundations leave a flat monochromatic appearance. Because the coalition is not carefully blanched ordinary foundations can leave a dull yellow-ish, unhealthy tone. Covermark, on the other hand, leaves a vibrant as just a tiny bit of foundation covers spots without leaving a thick heavy residue. It’s all about skin tone. The chromatic properties of the complex ingredients in Covermark, ensure that the natural mix of skin colourations is released and highlighted with Covermark. 

Lively and bright – Just like you! 

For ongoing use, Flawless Fit foundation refills and sponges come in attractive packaging (the case, too, can be purchased separately. You might want one for home and another, ready-packed for travel. 

In Singapore, Covermark sponsors consultations in a pleasant atmosphere with, of course, pleasant practitioners. Find out, firsthand which Covermark colour is the best for you, how the foundation “veil” is right for you, and how the Covermark routine might just change your appearance – for the better! 

Highly moisturizing and cleverly concealing, Covermark Flawless Fit Foundation!

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