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Janiqueel has been a devoted enthusiast of OMG and SHHH for several years.

There is something really free and careless about [my hair] and loose and kind of naughty. I love it. 

Inbar Lavi

The ARGAN tree, found exclusively in Morocco on a narrow arid strip, yields stem cells extracted by biologists from its soft core. These microscopic wonders make their way to Hong Kong, where they become a key ingredient in the haircare products offered by the subtly named provider, SHHH. Infused into the OMG Haircare Series, these argan cells breathe new life and vitality into the cuticle layer of each hair strand. For example, the shampoo, when gently massaged into the hair, works to repair and rejuvenate roots, tips, and every follicle surface in between.

Let’s explore some highlights from the Advanced Ageing Haircare Series:

OMG Scalp Shampoo: Enriched with ginseng root extract, this scalp shampoo focuses on maintaining oil-water balance as it deeply cleanses and soothes irritated scalps, eliminating itchiness that can lead to dandruff. After a thorough cleaning and detox, your scalp will feel refreshed and calm. Designed for use on various hair and scalp types, OMG Scalp Shampoo nourishes and strengthens hair follicles.

OMG Scalp Treatment and OMG Glossy Treatment: Choose the one that suits your needs best. Both provide the calming effect of super-clean hair and scalp. Applied to the entire scalp from the back of the neck and left in the hair for 3-10 minutes, the treatment acts like a revitalizing face mask, but for your hair!

OMG+: Touted as a “game-changer,” the + line from SHHH incorporates TWO types of plant stem cells and additional ingredients compared to the original range of OMG products. Anti-aging takes center stage here, offering benefits appreciated by individuals of all ages. Featuring certified organic botanical extracts such as rosa canina, rosemary leaf, lavender, and sage leaf.

In 2018, Janiqueel shared her thoughts on OMG, and those sentiments hold true today – perhaps even more so with the introduction of new, enhanced, and natural products. Revisit her words from 2018:

“OMG! A new hair care line! Finally!”

Seriously, this one, aptly named ‘OMG,’ claims to be a departure from other products. Their mission statement is clear – “The OMG haircare line is about bringing salon-grade hair treatment to people’s homes and enabling them to achieve bouncy, silky, healthy hair that is visible and long-lasting.”

Developed by Creative Director Marvin Lin of the SHHH salon in Hong Kong, OMG is sourced from Ibaraki, north of Tokyo, after a eight-year search for the right research team and factory. Similar to the onsens of its origin, OMG is rich in essential minerals and salts. Going beyond hot spring ingredients, the research team has added minerals from the coast of British Columbia, argan fruit stem cells from Morocco, and keratin protein. All these ingredients are bottled in shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams, now available internationally.

Janice, the blog curator, has tried OMG, and she loves it! Her once ordinary dark blue hair now bounces, shines, and has been rejuvenated. And her scalp? Incredibly healthy! OMG – a name to remember.

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