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Just a Breeze away on Batam, Another World Awaits

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.

John F. Kennedy

Imagine yourself perched at the end of a pier, suspended above the sea waters, in a luxurious room, is it a tent, or is it a cabana? That’s the charm of this island resort – it’s all those things combined in a beautiful tropical package. One might, at first blush, think that the immediate location of the rooms, on a platform over the water a few metres below, is too picturesquely isolated. Though they might seem isolated, all rooms are near a breakfast/lunch/dinner restaurant, a lovely garden, and (soon) a pool. 

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Arriving via Batam Centre Ferry Terminal at 10A.M., for our two-night stay, we were all (friend and child, included) excited to be on the south shore of the Singapore Strait our room was compact, yet spacious enough to rest relax and let all hell break loose once the kids let their pent up energy loose and dove into the suitcases to scatter items far and wide. Dining decision made – call room service and have a succulent Southeast Asian- inspired meal delivered to our door and set up on the verandah. So far away from hectic big-city life; so peacefully silent, so totally calming, so luxurious

Over drinks and dining, we talked about the activities available for our continued stay. For the rest of the day, hanging around the resort is our plan. A short walk along the pier and to the shore holds many interesting natural sights in the water and in the sand. For the naturalists, the resort has guidebooks to borrow and lots of helpful tips on where to explore. The resort abuts a 46-hectare plot of jungle. Helpfully signposted, it’s a real adventure for Singapore city kids, especially if they are old enough – say seven or so – to appreciate the jungle biome. The front desk is happy to arrange guides for the adventure.

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Other activities are not hard to find. Whet your appetite for movement and excitement with bumper boat, water roller, kayak, water tricycle, paddle boat, water bike and stand up paddle. An island-hopping full or half-day tour will acquaint you with the marine area. Include a stop at Rempang Island’s Cita Rasa Seafood restaurant if you want to say you have tasted some of the best seafood on the Singapore Strait.

Honestly, though, the hexagonal space-consciously designed rooms are so comfortable that it might, at times make leaving it quite difficult (hint: you don’t have to. Let yourself luxuriate for a while). For the kids, it’s fun to romp around the capacious room. Once the curtains are opened on the floor-to-ceiling windows, there is a feeling that we are somehow at one with the sea. All right, I exaggerate, but there is a feeling that comes with being this close to the water that is a bit like sailing. In this case, however, it’s safer and more luxurious!

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We can’t wait to go glamping. Our stay will include a BBQ dinner at the deck restaurant, a Fireflies and bioluminescence tour, a half-day trip to Turtle Island where we hope to release newborns into the sea, and a sunset trek on the beach and in the jungle. With plenty to do and a wonderful room in which to base our activities, we were contented travellers. At each of our two sunsets, we were happily on our deck to “go back to the sea”.

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