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PeriodT’s menstrual cup brings a new world of convenience to users while benefitting menstrual awareness around the globe

Your period is not your enemy. On the contrary, it’s a sound barometer of your overall health.
Kirsten Karchmer

Globally, 1.7 billion people live without basic sanitation services. In developing countries, nearly three-quarters of people lack basic handwashing facilities at home. Not being able to use these facilities makes it harder for women and young girls to manage their periods safely and with dignity. –

Small, flexible, light, and clean, menstrual cups are quickly becoming the go-to choice for the savvy user. As a company that produces state-of-the-art ups, PeriodT realises that today’s woman wants an effective and convenient solution to menstrual issues. Globally aware, PeriodT gives back to women’s communities worldwide. Every time a PeriodT cup is sold, a donation arrives to help defray the cost of educating women about the advantages of cups and providing low-cost or free samples.

Here on earth almost a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century, it’s time to provide all womeneverywhere with the tools to make the best choice for personal menstrual care. Doing so is in the DNA of PeriodT. Because PeriodT cups are reusable, they are far more eco-friendly than paper and plastic products. 

For the woman who is not using period cups now, but is considering making the switch from less world-conscious choices, there are “pro and con” issues to consider. What’s good about using a menstrual cup?

  • As we’ve said, PeriodT is committed to giving back. When you use a PeriodT cup, then, you can feel good about doing something personally to ease the environmental strain as well as educating women about their bodies and their choices. For every cup purchased, another is donated to someone less fortunate.
  • Over a short time, menstrual cups are less expensive than pads or tampons. The one-time price might seem high at first glance, but not when one considers the cost of continually renewing the throw-away products;
  • Because they can be easily rinsed, reused or stored there is a tangible “feel good” aura around the cups – you are NOT contributing waste to the earth.
  • Menstrual cups collect blood, they do not absorb and store it. This means that the risk of any bacterial infections is extremely low.
  • You can wear a cup while using an IUD. But seek guidance from your doctor before doing so for your peace of mind.
  • Vaginal dryness is sometimes a recurring problem with using tampons. It is NOT an issue with PeriodT cups.
  • In most cases, PeriodT cups can be worn longer than other options.

What can be annoying or hard-to-get-used to?

  • There is a learning curve. Insertion can be tricky at first until you become more adept.
  • Again, until one is accustomed to the routine and procedure of using the cup, it can be a bit messy.
  • Take a short time at first to be sure that you have the right fit. PeriodT offers two sizes – small (41 mm) for those new to cups or who have lighter flow and 44mm to handle greater flow and increase capacity.
  • Removal takes practice. Not to worry. PeriodT includes a useful “Directions for Use” along with a welcome note.

Having your period in an underdeveloped area can be a challenge, to say the least. All too often periods are considered uncle and to be hidden away. Through more practical and sanitary alternatives, organizations like PeriodT hope to bring new, more enlightened attitudes to ALL regions on Earth. As that happens, women and girls can lead their lives in dignity unhindered by old-world attitudes and practices. 

Menstruation cups counterbalance everything wrong with tampons without compromising on any of the good parts. –

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