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As always, and trying to get you the best advice possible on places to visit, we bring Portugal to your door. With the hope that you can dive into a place by description, that we hope you can find interesting enough to get the chance to travel to such a wonderful place.

We will show you the best 40 places and things you can’t miss visiting and doing once you get to such a delightful destination!

Please check out our next list of the 40 places you can’t miss and things you just do when visiting Portugal:

1. Santuario de Santa Luzia:

Also known as the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. One of the most emblematic monuments neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic architecture. You can climb the many steps or catch an elevator to admire such a view.

2. Apúlia:

An extremely pleasant place full of natural beauty and authenticity. You can also enjoy the large beach and admire the windmills on the dunes.

Photo of Porto by Woody Van der Straeten

3. Porto:

The reason why Portugal got its name (Portucale), and also the wine name. Chosen as one of the best European tourist destinations. The perfect harmony between the old and the new, in a city that is both cosmopolitan and intimate. You can visit towers, cathedrals, palaces, monasteries, wine cellars, markets, famous streets, and even bookshops.

4. Praia Do Senhor da Pedra:

Its main attraction, the chapel Capela do Senhor da Pedra, built on some rocks by the sea, even if the sea is more agitated you can still practice water sports.

5. Castello de Santa Maria do Feira:

It is older than the Portuguese nation. You can walk along the ramparts, and admire the beauty of 4 towers and the chapel in honor of Nossa Senhora da Encarnaçao.

6. Ovar:

Famous for its delicious Pao de Lo! You will find Barrinha de Esmoriz, a lagoon where you can admire the beautiful flora and fauna. You will find many beaches and two amazing churches.

Photo of Aveiro by Ricardo Resende

7. Aveiro:

Is a thousand years old with some incredible places that will make your eyes glow, take a detour to Costa Nova beach, beautiful fishermen’s houses painted with vertical and horizontal stripes in different colors.

8. Umbrella Sky Project:

In Águeda, it is a project that aims to bring color and joy to the city. These beautiful umbrellas are hanging in the streets of the historic center, and benches, ports, and facades are covered with urban art.

9. Pateira de Fermentelos:

The largest natural lake in the Iberian peninsula. With such a romantic view due to the purple flowers floating on it. Stroll along the banks of the lagoon to the gazebos to admire such a natural treasure.

10. Mata Nacional do Buçaco:

A protected forest, where you will find the Convento de Santa Cruz do Buçaco which today hosts the 5-star Palace Hotel do Buçaco. Don’t forget to explore the gardens and hermitages.

11. Figueira da Foz:

It will surprise you with its wonders! It has gone from town to city, which will surprise you with its authenticity and natural beauty!

12. Coimbra:

The city of students, has an incredible history and monuments. You must visit the Biblioteca Joanina, one of the most beautiful libraries in the entire world.

Photo of Schist Villages by Joke Langens

13. Schist Villages:

These villages were built with local materials, giving them a special character, you will also find mountain routes, bike trails, and river beaches.

14. Buracas do Casmilo:

It is a geological formation, the remains of several rooms in a huge cave that collapsed. Enjoy the scenery and take plenty of photos!

15. Penedo Furado:

A place where you can admire hills, pine forests, the Codes Creek, and a river beach. The encounter between a river and a beach is amazingly shocking!

16. Castelo de Armourol:

One of the most beautiful castles in Portugal! Take beautiful pictures and selfies, get on the boat located in the river for this great adventure.

17. Museu Nacional Ferroviario:

You will find amazing history in locomotives and wagons once served by popes, kings, presidents and heads of states.

18. Convento de Cristo:

A World Heritage Site! One of the most beautiful monuments, full of history. It offers the Castle, Renaissance cloisters, charola and the Manuelin Church.

19. Santuario de Fátima:

The sacred place where the Virgin Mary appeared making important revelations! Beautiful natural landscapes as well.

20. Parque Nacional das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros:

The park consists of two mountain ranges, and plateus, you will see chouçosand small houses in the middle of the fields.

21. Mosteiro da Batalha:

One of the most beautiful architecture and a World Heritage Site: It was created to thank the Virgin Mary for winning the battle.

22. Castelo de Leiria:

It was built to protect the land from the Moors. You can visit the keep, the church, the royal palace and walk along the ramparts.

23. Mosteiro de Alçobaca:

It is an important and famous monastery, discovering the dormitory, the chapter house, the refectory and the incredible kitchen.

Photo Nazaré by Gil Ribeiro

24. Nazaré:

A city unlike any other! linked to fishing and giant waves! It is divided into three different areas: beautiful surroundings and pleasant beaches.

25. Peniche:

Its port remains one of the most important fishing port. It was also the main fortification, a political prison and nowadays a Museum.

26. Arquipélago das Berlengas:

A World Biosphere Reserve, where hunting is banned, you can enjoy the beach, admire the lighthouse and the most photogenic place!

27. Óbidos:

A beautiful village, with ramparts and a castle, an aqueduct and a sanctuary!

28. Santarem:

A city with several centuries of history, architectural styles not to be missedand huge heritage.

29. Mafra:

Another World Heritage Site, a palace, a basilica, a convent, a garden and a great library.

30. Ericeira:

A small town basically a fishing village. With beautiful beaches and alleys of the historic centre!

31. Lisbon:

The capital and the biggest city. Amongst the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, a blend of tradition and modernity and ideally located.

32. Cristo Rei:

One of the most known monuments on the entire world! From there you can appreciate the view as well protected by this amazing and giant Christ!

33. Praia de monte Clérigo:

A breath-taking hill and landscapes before hitting the beach to take unforgettable photos!

34. Lagos:

A city with a great historical richness with natural wonders. Just walking by its streets is a pleasure to see such a pintoresque architecture and vibrant place.

Photo of Ferragudo by Simon Moore

35. Ferragudo:

A charming place with rivers and beautiful beaches and walk through the streets that will leave you amazed!

36. Faro:

A pintoresque old town and medieval walls, the winding pedestrian streets, the attractive marina, parks and squares, the museums and the churches, all places that you might want to take with you the entire life.

37. Mértola:

A town in which you will be able to see an important river port. Most relevant copper mine and waterfalls.

38. Castelo da Beja:

Check out to that beautiful castle, in which you can have a look of the city of Beja and its surroundings.

39. Estremoz:

One of the cities that you must visit! Visit the fortress, the castle and the chapel.

40. Parque Arqueologico do Vale do Coa:

Another World Heritage Site! A modern building combines the natural surroundings and stunning views!

We hope you enjoy the same that informs you, the places you definitely have to visit! For many kinds of tourists and adventurous travelers. Places so rich in culture and history, romantic spots and stunning landscapes! Out of this world places that could be a sin if you miss them.

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