Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector

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Janiqueel looks at a new system – not just a product – for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and likes what she sees

It takes a team. In this case, it’s a team of medical professionals and skin researchers that set out to find an answer to the conundrum of skin pigmentation. Used once daily over a 16-week period, the Cyspera System was engineered to provide relief from uneven skin colour (hyperpigmentation) and, in the process, boost the good health of your skin. Proven to be well-tolerated by most patients, the system can be used long-term to maintain an even glowing tone that will breathe new energy into the beauty of YOUR, yes, YOUR newly-radiant skin. 

Developed to address the issue of stubborn discolouration or uneven tone, Cyspera employs a naturally-occurring biological compound which clinical tests have shown to be successful on more kinds of discolouration than other products on the market today. Cyspera system is a multi-product approach to uneven colouration. As such, it is unique in its ability to produce healthy skin while lessening or eliminating difficult occurrences of uneven colouration.

Importantly, do not wash your skin before starting the Cyspera treatment each day (or night). In the evening, Cyspera can be applied right over makeup. Leave it on for exactly 15 minutes, then use a mild cleanser to wipe it away. Follow the application of CYSPERA INTENSIVEwith the other two parts of the system.

Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector

Here’s what you do in each of the short, intensive sessions with Cyspera:

  1. With one pump of CYSPERA INTENSIVE, you start the process of deep-skin cleansing. Delivering strong antioxidant properties, the cysteamine catalyst complex work to lessen the appearance, or eliminate, dark spots and brown patches. When applied, the key ingredient, Isobionic-Amide with AHA technology produces deep down (corneal layer) pigment lightening     
  1. Seeking to rebalance the chemical components of the epidermis, CYSPERA NEUTRLIZE™, with its component of the AHA-amino complex, is applied to the skin (unrinsed after the application of CYCSPERA INTENSIVE™) this is where the unseen, highly-effective process begins. In a circular motion, slowly massage CYSPERA NEUTRLIZE™ into your skin. Take your time. Enjoy the cooling, soothing motion knowing that your massage not only feels great but is doing great things for your skin – deep down. In this stage, any residue is removed producing a more effective barrier. By balancing the skin’s PH, Neutralize prepares your skin for the final stage. 
  1. In the third and final step of your Cyspera routine, CYSPERA BOOST™ works in concert with Cyspera® Intensive™ to promote a natural healthy glow on your renewed skin. Here, the key goal is an even skin tone and improved complexion.  

For darker skin colours, hyperpigmentation is a common issue. In clinical studies,  four weeks of regular use produces an evening of skin tone for tan or darker skin across affected areas. Rebalanced and thoroughly cleansed, your skin boasts a new glow emanating from deep within the cellular structure. Have a look. Nice, isn’t it? That glow is the sign that you have achieved results that you may have given up on before. Show off your skin. Flaunt it. For the first time in a long time, you will feel the confidence and energy that comes from knowing that your skin looks wonderful.

Formulated for the face, Cyspera can be used on any part of the body where uneven colouration is a factor, e.g under the eye, lips, bikini lines, arms, and inner thigh. In the beginning, for any part of your body, use Cyspera moderately and leave it on for no longer than 15 minutes as your skin grow accustomed to its healing benefits.

Usually appearing after eight weeks of using the system an improved skin appearance begins to appear. After the full 16-week sessions, real long-lasting results are yours. As always remember to use sunscreen (at least SPF +30) in your day-to-day routines. Paraben-free, Cystera is safe for long-term use, so give it a try for the full 16 weeks. 

Anyone, but especially those with darker skin tones can feel more confident about their appearance with smoothly-coloured skin. Cyspera aims to do just that.

Welcome, a new glow of health. Feel better about yourself knowing your skin is at its natural best. Stick with the system – you’ll be glad you did!

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