Blind & Visually impaired children experience Blind Touch Tour at Cavalia

A group of blind and visually impaired youth had the rare opportunity to experience something incredibly different and moving on Wednesday, August 27– a hands-on sensory tour of the equine spectacular Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse.
Cavalia had worked with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped to make this experience happened for the children. This special interactive tour allowed them to experience Cavalia through a variety of senses including touch and sound. Members of the Cavalia cast guided the children through this one-of-a-kind experience, as they were allowed to touch the horse’s coats, feel their warmth, brush and groom them. They also felt the tackle, reins and harnesses. They smelt and touched the horses’ food, visited the farrier’s station where the shoes are custom made and listened to the horses’ heartbeat and breathing with stethoscopes. At the end of the tour, riders brought their horses to a full 45km gallop, allowing the young guests to feel the ground quake beneath the incredible power of these equine stars.


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