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We believe that true beauty comes from the confidence of being comfortable in your own skin. With Baréskin, rediscover confidence and dare to wear your skin bare!

Stuck in the middle of Circuit Breaker Life, this may be the right time to think about skin care for you and for others. Inspired by founder, Sabina Munshi, and her desire to formulate products that are basic and effective. Products that don’t scream; they whisper. Covering up is not the goal here, but rather to encourage one’s skin to be its natural self; to bring to the surface its natural beauty and charm. Keywords? “Hydrate, Treat and Protect.” It’s simple, really, and simplicity is at the heart of the Baréskin ethos – “…so that the coveted no-makeup look can truly be yours.”

Dare to Wear Bare

And don’t forget your friends that you can no longer hug. Shop Baréskin for gifts that show your love in a way that brings joy to the giver and receiver. Here’s an idea whose time has come – THE GLOW DUO.

Encapsulating the essence of what Baréskin is about, the Glow Duo is built of two basic formulations around which a regimen of care, health, and well-being is created. As with all of the products that Baréskin presents, the Glow Duo is designed for long-term use. To hydrate and protect, the Glow Duo is a two-step regimen. So easy to use. So effective. Such a good vibe knowing that the materials and packaging have sustainability in mind.

Take the first step of the regimen – GLACIAL CLEANSER. Not just a name, the “glacial” in the cleanser denotes the power of botanical extracts like those in the fresh, pure Alpine glaciers. With antioxidants and marine extracts, the cleanser is infused with a cocktail of vitamins that nourish the skin as it steps toward the goal – to wear bare and feel the freshness of stepping out of a brisk dip in pure glacier-fed waters. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Feel the power of freshness and purity. Think of your skin breathing and being truly clean. It’s part of a regimen that makes the skin feel better with each use. It’s a brand new day!

Follow the cleansing with a dose of jojoba oil-based FACIAL ELIXIR. Cold-pressed and organic, the oil in the Elixir is “…GMO-, preservative-, fragrance- and cruelty-free along with being 100% organic.” one can be assured that the healing and rejuvenation properties of the jojoba oil used here are unsullied in the manufacturing process. This is the real deal. Allowing the oil to be absorbed almost instantly into the skin, the molecular structure of jojoba oil results in a non-greasy feel. Once applied it leaves the skin supple, soft, and soothed. Even in the humidity of Singapore, it’s naturally moisturizing without being cloying.

Typical of the care and attention to detail of all the Baréskin products, the Glow Duo make an excellent way to feel the difference that a simple daily regimen can make. 

Replying to a Janiqueel query about the best face-washing technique, Sabina offered some excellent advice:

  • Use lukewarm water before and after cleansing, it is the most soothing to your skin.
  • Always use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser even if you don’t have sensitive skin. Never use a generic soap bar, the foaming and the harsh ingredients can actually strip your skin off your natural oils.
  • Don’t over wash and over-exfoliate. Your skin has a natural barrier that protects it and helps it retain the moisture. Over-washing can break that barrier and cause skin hypersensitivity which causes irritation and breakouts.

So, there you are. Advice and products to help break the Circuit Breaker blues and help you to feel better, more self-confident, about your face and YOU.

Sabina has the last word:

We strive our level best to be an inclusive brand with regards to launching products that are suitable for all skin-types, gender-neutral and clean formulas but most importantly, we rate efficacy as our number 1 priority. Our products simply have to work and show results with consistent use. May sound simple but so hard to make it happen!

Reserach and editing help from JKJ.

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