Botanic Pretti5 clean vegan skincare review

Janiqueel looks at a new and different skincare line of products from Japan – for the world.

We represent a new modern practicalism that seeks the best of two worlds: Eastern plant studies combined with Western skin technologies.

Just when you thought that the skincare shelves were full to overflowing, along comes something really new, different, and effective. Botanic Pretti5, located in Hong Kong, hails from Japan, but blends with Western technologies to produce products that are clean, safe, natural, vegan, minimalist, and eco-friendly. “To let you take care of your skin worry-free, embrace your true self and radiate confidence that comes from the inside out – this is why Botanic Pretti5 was founded.” this no-nonsense approach is what propels Botanic Pretti5 into the front line of modern techno-skincare.

Janiqueel asked Dorothy Chau, CEO and Founder of Botanic Pretti5, about a description for the Hydro-Power Brightening Cleanser – “…without stripping the face and never tight.” her prompt reply provided a clear explanation that is indicative of the ethos behind all of the Botanic Pretti5 products: “Usually a lot of cleansers are stripping the natural oils from your face and making your skin feel dryer and tighter, so you feel “clean”. Our cleanser melts away grime, grease and impurities in the pores, but gently purify and refresh skin, balances skin oil level while hydrates it at the same time.” What she describes is a result much different from that of other skincare products. “Gently”, “Refresh”, and “Balances”, are the keys here. They encapsulate Botanic Pretti5’s goals – to help you look your radiant best without fuss and harshness.

Drinking plenty of water, eating intelligently, and (according to the website) avoiding toxic people are keys to proving balance in your everyday life. Once achieved, the new symmetry will radiate like light from a candle. Twice a day, a simple routine will maintain that glow. Keep it simple. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. That’s it. No need for extravagant daily sessions. When finished, have a nice glass of water.

Used as part of the daily routine, or for special attention, here are five Pretti5 products for any skin type, but specially formulated for sensitive skin:

  • Hydropower Brightening Cleanser – a gentle cleanser that leaves a feeling of lightness and vibrancy after each use.
  • Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence – supporting the natural PH balance of the skin by employing botanical ingredients, pores are refined and toned.
  • Advanced Hyaluronic Serum – hyaluronic, as the name suggests, is the key ingredient here. Eliminating puffiness by tightening and nourishing the skin, even skin that has shows irritations. Its aroma, alone will lift your internal mood as it massages your exterior self.
  • Miracle Glow Facial Oil – made with pure, 100% jojoba and squalane oils, this oil is an elixir that will feel like a miracle on your face. Dark circles and puffiness? Goodbye!
  • Hydro-rescue Repairing Night Mask – Boosting cell regeneration and restoring balance (our favorite word!) this mask is loaded with natural extracts and vitamins for a unique treatment for which your skin will thank you. Yes, your skin can talk. Listen, hear it?

For the active types, there is a “Gymskin Relief Combo” of five concoctions especially suited for those who regularly get hot and sweaty at the gym – or at home – or on the track – or in the woods. Go for it, girls and boys and take a moment or two afterwards to tone your skin just as you have toned your muscles.

Dorothy Chau provides a coda to this introduction to Botanic Pretti5 “…we are a clean and vegan beauty brand. We hope to let you take care of your skin worry-free using the perfect blend of Eastern adaptogens and skincare technology.”

Thank you, Dorothy. Janiqueel thinks you are going to love Botanic Pretti5.

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Research and Writing help from JKJ.

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