Business in Heels – Fashion with a twist

Beautiful women, enchanting music and mesmerizing fashion. These sumptuous ingredients came together at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant in July to form the perfect recipe for another successful event under the auspices of Business In Heels. This event, held in collaboration with the Tiara Club to showcase its latest designs in gorgeous evening wear, was made even more special by the fact that all but one of the exquisite models strutting their stuff were over 50 years of age. Another highlight of the event was a wardrobe swapping event where women brought down items in their closet that were hardly used and in good condition to share with their peers. What a wonderful way of expanding one’s fashion collection without burning a hole in one’s pocket, or in this case, one’s handbag!

Tinkling the ivories was Ms Christine Chan, an accomplished music teacher and antiques collector, who was also earlier awarded the CEO In Heels honour. While she played, four models, all members of Business In Heels, showed off 12 beautiful designs that were made to fit different body shapes. It was amazing to see how these beautiful dresses were made to look even more stunning by these confident women who looked at ease doing their catwalk.

The programme for the event also included high tea and a lucky draw with attractive prizes. Attendees also walked away with goodie bags.

Since being established in Singapore in February 2014, Business In Heels has energised the local party scene with unique events that bring together the creme de la creme of women professionals. Founded in Australia in 2012, Business In Heels prides itself on creating opportunities for like-minded and driven women to meet and network with one another, opening up a world of possibilities for them. Each event sees this organisation grow in stature and popularity among elite women in Singapore. Be sure to look out for Business In Heels’ next event in September to be a part of this growing group of inspirational women who are committed to doing their part for their community!

Written by guest writer, Jean Chan of

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