Smooth Repair Essence for the Heart of Your Hair

Janiqueel looks at a new hair care product from Japan available in Singapore.

Looking inside your heart, facing your true feelings, and thinking deeply”, this fundamental concept in our brand, when expressed in romaji, is written as ‘sii’

Shinsuke Sato, CEO of Japanese company Holyday

One of the glories of living in the tropics is the amount of sunshine that we enjoy day after day all year long. Rife with vitamin D, those rays are a natural nutrient for our skin and body. Too much sun, as we all know can be too much of a good thing, though. That’s why we use SPF sunscreens and are careful to not over-expose our skin for prolonged periods of time. Too much of that glorious sun can also be detrimental to our hair. Especially when combined with chemical treatments and hair care products, our good friend, sunshine, can cause oxidation. Just as rust can dull the shine and gloss of metal, oxidation in the hair, especially from repeated coloring treatments and an outdoor lifestyle, can cause a loss of sparkle and sheen.

To the rescue comes a new product from Japan – by one sii SMOOTH REPAIR ESSENCE. Designed to repair oxidation damage, this fragrance-free (it won’t get mixed up with your other carefully chosen scents) product will cope with tangled, split ended tresses as it provides vital nourishment deep into hair follicles.

Exotically sourced, three key ingredients are the source of new hair youthfulness and vibrancy:

  • Louseki stone comes from Kanazawa on Japan’s northern coast. Like most of Japan, this area is famous for its hot springs. No surprise, then that a volcanic stone – louseki – is to be found here. When combined into SMOOTH REPAIR ESSENCE, the stone removes oxidation as it deep-cleans the hair.
  • Cornflower extract derived from the flower itself helps recover lymphatic vessel activity. That’s important in the detoxification process and in ridding waste products from each individual hair. Easier to style and stay in place, the firmer hair that results is a key repair process that is happening atop your scalp.
  • Amaranthus Caudatus Seed essence is full of rich amino acids and is derived from the deep-red amaranthus flower commonly known by its evocative name, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’. Amuse your companions with this fact as they admire your youthful-looking hair. As the seed essence penetrates, your hair becomes thicker – more full-bodied.

Repeated oxidation is often the cause of hair-greying. As Smooth Repair Essence reduce oxidation’s effects, it also encourages deteriorating lymphatic vessels to reverse the effects of ageing and environmental damage.

On their way to Singapore this summer, are a new shampoo and treatment duo that work very well in tandem with by one sii SMOOTH REPAIR ESSENCE.

As we eagerly await a new opening up of social and recreational opportunities post phase two, now is an excellent time to pay attention to your hair’s health and appearance. By one sii is here to help promote firmer, stronger, more voluminous hair and a happier YOU.

You can visit for more information about their product. Or follow their official instagram account at @sg.byonesii for the latest updates and promotions.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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