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Janiqueel has a look and a feel of sustainable, locally-designed, adorable, prints for the whole family.   

You are so much sunshine in every square inch.

Walt Whitman

Longing for a few hours on a beach, Mr C and I slipped into our delightful matching (Hawaiian Tropic) print swimwear and headed for Phuket, Bali, The Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, and Koh Samui. All in one afternoon… in our imaginations. Really, we headed for East Coast Park right here in sunny SingTown and had a great time in our new swimwear, shades, sunblock and caftans. Maybe not as exotic as the beach holidays we used to know and will know again soon, we hope. It was, nonetheless, a most pleasant getaway.

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Just one of a plethora of designs to choose from, Hawaiian Tropic matched our travel-hungry moods superbly. AND we felt safe. Of all the attributes of August Society, the one we especially appreciated was its SPF rating. To gain that rating, Founder/Creative Director of August Society, Toni Chan explains, “…the fabric is tested in a lab. They use specialized instruments to measure the percentage of UV rays that are blocked by the fabric. So the fabric itself isn’t given any sort of treatment, but the number of UV rays blocked usually depends on the tightness of the weave.” I always wondered. Knowing that, and using generous amounts of sunscreen on the areas not covered by the swimwear, assures those hours spent in the sunshine are safe as well as thoroughly enjoyable. 

Another positive aspect of August Society swimwear is the company’s embrace of sustainability. Because swimwear is uniquely prone to be a source of environmental damage, August Society manufactures its products from waste plastics to help lessen the impact. Single-use plastics and worn-out nylon fishing nets are just two of the raw materials that can be repurposed and made into sparkling new garments. Knowing the pedigree of the fabrics one is wearing, like knowing that they are sun-protective, is a comforting aura that surrounds the suits, towels, caps, and caftans that come to the beach or the swimming pool with you. Proud of the environmental consciousness, Toni Chan is proud to say, “Our swimsuits are made out of recycled plastic waste!”

For male sun worshippers, the sustainable, sun-protective Southport swim trunks have proven popular. Also available in the Hawaiian Tropic print, these trunks are light, stylish and a great companion to the women’s and children’s models. Did I say that August society was for the whole family? Yes, I did. I’m saying it again because that is one of the aspects of this swimwear that makes it F-U-N! Complementing the experience, towels, totes, scrunchies, caftans, and shades will make your outings complete.

They’re trendy! They’re COOL! Styles for women? Oh, my YES. All the great prints as well as solid colours to choose from. Which to pick? I was mildly surprised when Toni Chan said that one-piece suits have been the most popular lately. But have a look. There are plenty of bikinis to choose from, as well. You will be spoiled for choice in either style. Spend some time with the webpage. You’ll find that delivery is quick and inexpensive. Exchanges are also reliable and expeditious. August Society is here to help you, the environment, and all the people from designers to tailors to expediters, and office staff.  

Gotta go. Our totes are packed. We’re heading for the beach!

Grab your matching family/couple swimwear using ‘ASJanice10‘ to enjoy 10% off purchases August Society!

You can visit www.augustsociety.com for more information.

Writing help by JKJ

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