Come Back Stronger Than Ever – CRYOCURE Is Here to Help

Janiqueel has tried Cryocure on her dodgy knee and declares it a SUCCESS

It’s always hard to deal with injuries mentally, but I like to think about it as a new beginning. I can’t change what happened, so the focus needs to go toward healing and coming back stronger than before. 

Carli Lloyd – Olympic Gold Medalist

I, Janiqueel, am an enthusiastic dancer, especially on the first evening of a super cruise from Singapore to Phuket, I was in the mood for frolic. That evening, though, after a scrumptious dinner and a stroll around the deck, I was less rambunctious than usual. Just having a good time, you know? All of a sudden, I staggered, (I had had only ONE beer, believe me) my knee gave way, and I found myself sitting on the floor. No more dancing that evening! I visited the 24-hour infirmary and gained a pair of crutches, some painkillers, and the wise advice to visit a clinic when back in the Garden City. Despite occasional twinges of pain, I had a great rest of the cruise, kept my leg elevated at night, and used crutches while ashore, and a wheelchair aboard the big ship. It would take more than a slippery patella (knee cap) to keep Janiqueel down.

Back ashore in Singapore, a doctor confirmed that my patella had, indeed, slipped into a place where it was not meant to be. With some twisting and encouragement, the kneecap found its proper place with, now and then, a recurrence of the original problem. Yes, these recurrences were painful, although they didn’t hurt as much as the original dancefloor debacle, the pain was, at times, enough to urge me to sit, rather than dance. This was NOT the bouncy Janiqueel of an hour ago. “That’s going to keep recurring sporadically.” the medicos surmised. “It will recur less often if you use a compression sock from time to time. That’ll remind the patella where it belongs.” 

Soon, I found a better answer. CRYOCURE. Not only does the CRYOCURE provide the doctor-recommended firm compression, but it does so with icy cold and soothing heat – a better answer, for sure. Setting out to make a big difference in the world of therapy gear, the Crycure organisation has a worthy mission:

Inspired by the benefits of cryotherapy, we set out to develop a product that could harness the power of cold and hot therapy in a convenient and portable form. After months of research, development, and experimentation, we succeeded in creating the Cryocure ThermaFlex Pro compression sleeve with a built-in hot and cold element.

At first glance, the Cryocure compression sleeve looks like just another compression sleeve, except it is much more attractive. Say goodbye to those beige, elastic universally used compression socks that look more like a bandage than a wrap. In navy blue with a clean bright white logo and lettering, the THERMFLEX PRO looks more like a piece of posh sporting equipment than a therapy device. Of course, I was using it for my knee, but due to its stretchiness, you might find that its therapeutic qualities also work well on your knees, elbows, calves, ankles or quads. 

Still no stranger to the dance floor, I will make a point on my next night out to remember that my knee is a bit trickier than your average joint. Knowing that I need to take a modicum of precaution and that I have the ThermFlex Pro waiting at home should the party become a bit too hearty. I’ve come back – stronger than before and just a little bit wiser.

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