Cool Colouring Collections by Colour Me Mats Encourage Creativity and F-U-N!

Janiqueel has a look at something new and different in the world of colouring – reusable silicone mats – no electronics required!

Colour Me Mats is lovingly created by two Mummies who love picture books and strongly believe in minimizing screen time for their children.

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Preferring to call themselves “Mummies”, two Singaporean women, Serene Tan and Jaclyn Chua, have started reusable silicone colouring mats for children aged “6 months to 80 years”, and they have a pretty good idea. Using non-permanent markers, budding artists can colour the mats, then wash them clean. Highly durable, the mats in these Covid-19 days, can be washed regularly with soap and water, disinfectant, or (according to the FAQ’s) “Put them into a steam / UV sterilizer to kill bacteria!”

Collected under themes – Animal Habitats, Bible Stories, Children’s Classic Stories, and Puzzle Mats, the mats offer intricate black and white line drawings just yearning to be colourized by the hand of the young (or not-so-young) users. All the designs are originals, “a labour of love gifted from Mummies to our young children.” After oohing and ahhing at the talent displayed and snapping a smartphone photo or two, proud parents or their representatives can wash off the mats and the artists can start again. Maybe a new colour scheme might be in just right for this new effort.

Given the intricacy of the designs, fine point whiteboard markers work best. Colour Me Mats offers a set of 12 in their accessories department. Add a canvas drawstring bag emblazoned with the cute Colour Me Mats logo, and you are ready for an artsy adventure.

With a raised border on all four sides, the mats encourage the drawers to keep their work on the mats and not the table, floor, or bed upon which they may be colouring. For fun, use the mats as placemats at a meal of party and you’ve made a unique experience useful. Pliable, the mats can be rolled of softly folded for storage or to fit into a pocket for a trip to the park. Don’t forget the canvas sack with the markers and a snack.

Having a party? Colour Me Mats Party Pack are just the thing. Packed in cool organza sacks with gift cards, and add-on options for pens, these packs will be the hit of the art crowd. We’re talking fun here. We’re talking creative fun without a screen in sight.

Colour Me Mats – Colour My World!

Editing and research help from JKJ.

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